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  1. OK, this was a receipt so it fits in this pattern.
  2. This is what I used but for some reason it didn't work
  3. I have Web Clipper 7.12.2 installed and tried to capture a PDF that was displayed in a window (just the PDF file itself was displayed). What I get in the Evernote app is 36 byte PDF "file". Is this just me or is it some know bug in the clipper?
  4. Late to this but ... but as others have written, I would never use Evernote for backing up photos. A few alternatives depending on your circumstances, to me the important things are two: if it's not automatic it's not backup and there has to be one off-site copy. I'm not using it myself but one of the simplest solutions is probably Backblaze. If you have storage space available somewhere, Arc or ChronoSync might be an alternative My personal backup solution involves two external disks + two Synology NAS machines (one offsite), I have at least four copies of all photos. If you happen to have a Synology NAS then you probably have most of the tools you need there. For those who doesn't like Adobes solutions for editing/organizing there are many alternatives depending on what you want to do. Professional level: Capture One. Entusiast: Luminar, DxO Photolab, On1, etc. If you mainly want to organize photos "manually" then I would check out Lyn. For editing the most popular seem to be the programs from Affinity and Pixelmator, depending on what you want to do Acorn might be an alternative. If you want to have an iOS + macOS solution for editing & organizing the only real alternative currently is Lightroom (cloud or classic version) but that might change with the release of iOS 13.
  5. I agree (this was the first search I was going to save ... and it was kind of disappointment that it wasn't possible to do)
  6. Typical that I ended up with the special case Thanks
  7. I'm trying to figure out the syntax for searching for notes with no tags but not including those in notebooks A, B and C. My attempts doesn't work, any advice on this? What I tried was '-notebook:A -tag:*' as a first attempt but I get untagged items from notebook A in the search result
  8. I used to be a premium member but because of a few issues I completely stopped using it ... but I didn't remember to end my premium membership in time so my family have been using shared notebooks to store data in it. However, now my premium subscription has ended and we need to decide if we should continue paying for premium. So I took a look and many things have changed since I last used it ... mostly improvements from what I can see. However, I wonder about one thing, I can't figure out a way to easily share text from a note to another app. Let's say I want to share the text from one note to DayOne, how can I do that? (I don't want a link to evernote I want the actual plain text)
  9. What can I say, a couple of years ago I went premium and things worked just fine and I started to use it more. Actually got a few in the family to start using it so we could share some medical stuff. Then I got more and more irritated with notes getting translated into HTML (some information in text-only notes disappears) but I still used it more and more. The price increase was not a big worry, if Evernote delivered value for the money I would happily pay for it. But my main problem was that the more info I put into Evernote the more difficult it got to discover information, navigation become more cumbersome etc. So I started to use it less and less, now it's actually only once each week (on Sundays when I create one specific note) + the family sharing stuff. I don't use it for work anymore and not for private stuff. Instead I'm using DevonThink and Apple Notes - work way better than Evernote. This announcement and the fact that staff has been allowed to check the notes (I hadn't realised that before, should have read the T&C more carefully) make me an even more unhappy customer. Unfortunately I didn't see that my account was up for renewal a week ago ... so I'm a premium user for another year.
  10. I have the same problem as @Schaumburg, one key for < and > so using 'shift' for some shortcut including < or > doesn't work. I like the zoom feature but I would suggest that you don't zoom the margin ... it just means that the visible area get smaller and smaller. Keep the margin fixed and zoom the content of the note. See the screenshots
  11. Two questions How do I turn off the "(notebook owner)" on shared notebook? Why is "Notes" in the sidebar highlighted when I select a specific notebook, shouldn't the notebook be highlighted instead? Now there is no difference in the sidebar between selecting all notes or a specific notebook.
  12. Sorry, I have no idea. I've contacted support and is waiting for an answer.
  13. I see the same thing on my iPhone. Every time I launch Evernote "for real" (not just switching between apps) I'm asked for my account.
  14. Is there some way to disable the skitch shortcuts in the skitch menu item? Skitch gets in the way when using the same shortcuts in other apps.
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