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  1. Yeah, I forgot that part I deleted Dropbox from my computer 3-4 years ago for the very same reason.
  2. I assume you have a working network connection for evernote when trying to view the notes, the iPhone doesn't download everything so it needs to be able to connect to the server
  3. Doesn't the latest version of Ulysses sync to Dropbox also? ... ehh, yep it does, perhaps using that makes syncing better?
  4. Have you tried to see how a comparative service work (not necessarily a note taking app like Evernote) ? The reason for the question is that there are delays that might be due to your computer (I guess not) or your internet connection. For example, at home I have seen some delay in response time (in general) once in a while and on a couple of cases more persistent. Usually they seem to be due to network congestion but in one case it was a faulty switch in my house (this actually made itself known in VERY slow response times for any network activity), in another a faulty fiber converter, i
  5. I’m not thinking about the multi-user devices, rather something like “here is my phone could you please look up XX in the map app while I’m driving” or “have you seen nice useful app ... what’s that horrible smell, check out the app while I run and check what it is” (app ≠ Evernote) or something similar
  6. There is always the use case when you for one reason or the other hand over your device to someone else and want to prevent them to open certain apps
  7. Hmmm, I've never tried that but a quick check with PDF Expert (macOS) shows that it's possible to export highlights to HTML/text/Markdown ... so while no direct export it should work to export from PDF Export to a file and then import that file into Evernote Also Skim should have the ability to export highlights as text in some form.
  8. Neither do I 😃 But I was looking for AppleScripts to make the export easier ... and this links seem to provide that info so I'll try that. Thanks.
  9. I was going to look at this but the link doesn't work anymore, is it still available?
  10. I have Web Clipper 7.12.2 installed and tried to capture a PDF that was displayed in a window (just the PDF file itself was displayed). What I get in the Evernote app is 36 byte PDF "file". Is this just me or is it some know bug in the clipper?
  11. Late to this but ... but as others have written, I would never use Evernote for backing up photos. A few alternatives depending on your circumstances, to me the important things are two: if it's not automatic it's not backup and there has to be one off-site copy. I'm not using it myself but one of the simplest solutions is probably Backblaze. If you have storage space available somewhere, Arc or ChronoSync might be an alternative My personal backup solution involves two external disks + two Synology NAS machines (one offsite), I have at least four copies of all photos. If
  12. I agree (this was the first search I was going to save ... and it was kind of disappointment that it wasn't possible to do)
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