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  1. I cannot find the option to clip a webpage from Firefox on my Android phone to Evernote. In the share function every other app on my phone that can accept a clip is listed, but not Evernote. Can anyone tell me how to clip with Firefox? Thanks.
  2. Yes, I do. Now I think about it, I do have firefox set to delete cookies on exit.
  3. Every time I quit and then restart firefox I have to reenter my evernote account details into the web clipper. I use 1password as my password manager, however, the 1password does not appear in the evernote popup, web clipper page toolbar. So, I have to manually reenter my evernote account name and password. Is there anyway to have 1password do this small, but tedious task for me?
  4. Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but my creation date (Mac) always shows AD. As the AD is obvious (and I prefer CE anyway) is there some way change this? If so I have not been able to find. Thanks for the assist.
  5. Thanks for the work involved. Yes, when I save or open this blue square the file is clearly present in the EN note. It would be better of course if the file were fully visible, certainly with the filename, however, as long as the file is stored in EN I am content. It does seems as if the Mac version has less capability than the Win version. Thanks again for the info.
  6. When I drag the .ORF file into a note the file is not copied, rather a blue question mark appears. Copy attached. I am using the Mac version of EN.
  7. Can Evernote store and sync RAW (Olympus .ORF) files? I am having trouble syncing my files. Is there someway to do this?
  8. Whoops, let me clarify. This is part of automator. The automator commands before this script select the folder. I have become a moderate fan of scripting.
  9. I figured out how to create an applescript to auto import photos with a tag. Here it is. Obviously, change the notebook, tag, and import folder to your situation: on run {input, parameters} repeat with this_item in the input set the item_info to info for this_item tell application id "com.evernote.evernote" activate create note from file this_item notebook "Photobackup" tags "photo_backup" end tell end repeat return input return input end run
  10. Is it possible to create an EN (automatic) import folder on a Mac? I see it is possible for windows. This would be useful.
  11. That is an excellent point. Perhaps, auto upload and once a month I sit down and organise my EN photos. Can you tell me a little more about how you use Applescript? Are there pre-written files somewhere or did you create your own? Assume I am a complete dunce at this.
  12. The number of notes is limited to 100,000. I have 90,000+ photos. Plus 3,000 'normal' notes. So this would leave me with little room for expansion.
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