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  1. It takes forever (minutes) sometimes to load my notes on the web version. This has been happening for at least more than a year. It's destroying my productivity and makes me fear opening up a note at all on the web. I am based in Korea and this makes me suspect Evernote isn't paying as much for its cloud server use for Asian daytime as it does for U.S. or European working time. I've filed complaints about this over and over and they don't care. I feel discriminated against. Evernote, what's the matter with you? Why aren't you fixing the slow loading time for the web?
  2. I'd hate to see Google take it over completely. It would try to insert what it has into Evernote, including Google spreadsheet and so on. Google would gain a huge edge over Microsoft in this market if it acquired Evernote. Microsoft Office would start to wane and a tool like Evernote that is heavily Internet-centric would make Google superior in the future market of word processing, publication and private data creation. Imagine Google spreadsheet being inserted into Evernote, which lacks creativity and is very buggy in that area. Evernote's pretty bad with editing tools and Google could help in that area. Still, I'm not sure I would want Google taking Evernote over, because it is so super aggressive in terms of mining user data and can be very prickly with its services. There's just not enough consistency. It has an overbearing stance over its users (and governments around the world as well). Whatever it does, it does with a superiority mentality over its subscribers. That's what bothers me. If Evernote goes public, Google would try to gain the most stakes in it, but I'd like to see original founders still having a majority say in the operations. Get help where needed from Google, but don't let it eat up the product. IPO or not. That's my advice. (but then, evernote founders and major stake holders would still love to get their hands on money and opt out. After all, Evernote is somewhat limited in terms of its growth potential. Where would it go from now? It's got a huge pool of fastidious users who never stop demanding and the service fees aren't like the ones you pay for, say, Bloomberg terminals. They might want a new adventure so may just decide to give it to Google, which would dangle lots of money in their eyes no doubt)
  3. Thanks for clarifying a lot of things about this move. as long as Evernote is the one paying and making demands, I think we should be ok. I doubt Google would allow its AI to break into Evernote data and mine it for its purposes. One fleeting thought, though, is whether or not Evernote is positioning for an IPO. It's cutting costs, raising prices and reaching out to other vendors for technical cooperation, the way I see it. This spruces up the company in the eyes of pontetial investors. Surely Evernote is a fantastic stock potentially and could draw lots of investors if it went public. Phil stepping down made me think this way first. Is an IPO on the way? That's an important thing to think about, because that means all different sorts of people will want to get their hands on Evernote and even demand down the road changes to its data protection policies so the data could be used to drive in more profits. I mean, financial investors don't care whether customers' data are protected as much as Evernote and its actual users. Their bottom line is their bottom line. Just some food for thought in relation to this move to Google cloud servers.
  4. so, Google will NOT use any of data for any of its own business goals, major or minor? To what extent is Google benefiting from this deal? I mean, Google must be getting something, right? Otherwise why would it agree to allow its servers to be used by Evernote. Is Evernote paying Google, or is it the other way. There's so much that needs to be explained.
  5. 태그를 아주 적극적으로 사용하고 있습니다. 하지만 에버노트 윈도우에서 태그를 만들면 종종 온라인에서 적용이 안돼요. 이 문제는 벌써 몇년째 겪고있는 거 같은데 방법이 없나요? 고칠 계획이 없는 건지, 아니면 못 고치는 건지.. 예를 들어 a라는 태그가 8개의 노트에 적용돼있다면, 온라인에서는 4개 정도만 되어있다든지 하죠. 다른 기기에서 동기화할 때 문제가 생깁니다.
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