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  1. Dear Evernote users, I'm quite new to Evernote and I've been enjoying it a lot but I wonder if I can make experience even better. As an academic I need to read a lot of quite technical papers and sometimes I like to highlight parts of the paper that I found interesting. I was wondering if there is any PDF reader that allows me to highlight text and than exports all the highlighted text to an Evernote note so I can easily go through the more important topic easily. Thanks
  2. I've been testing the beta version of the web client and I have two 'complains' about both the checklists and checkboxes Checkbox After pressing the checkbox button it creates a box, after pressing enter a new checkbox is created in the next line. Then if I try to press Tab the box stays still instead of moving (this will be nice to create like a Task 1 and then Task 1.1 Task 1.2 . If press the left arrow it selects the checkbox and again the Tab key has not effect, only after pressing again the left arrow and the cursor being before the checkbox is possible to move the checkbox. You
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