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  1. Indeed it does, and I tried this (Dropbox sync) on both iOS and MacOS. The issue I had was with having to keep Dropbox sync running all the time on my Mac desktop. Sometimes it would just run quietly and other times it would leak memory like a sieve and use up all my RAM. Thanks for your tip however.
  2. Agreed, I will probably end up subscribing if for nothing else than to have off line access to my notes on my iPhone. But while I am in the midst of the transition back to EV, I will just play the waiting game for now. Love your Avatar, now I am think I need to watch some Three Stooges, nyuk nyuk nyuk!
  3. I read these articles a few days ago, somewhat old news but still troubling: https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/04/evernote-lost-its-cto-cfo-cpo-and-hr-head-in-the-last-month-as-it-eyes-another-fundraise/ https://www.gva.vc/en/about/blog/1649/ Ulysses offers a very clean and distraction free writing environment. I’m not a writer per se but I used Ulysses and EV primarily for note taking.
  4. But alas I’m going back to the green elephant. One too many sync issues with the yellow butterfly over the year, and then my notes on iOS became inaccessible w/out a power cycle (Ulysses support said this was Apple’s fault) about 2 months ago. BUT I’m not going EV premium just yet. I keep hearing they might be going out of business. Why did I leave EV? I really liked the UI of Ulysses, and I loved the fact you could set a default note font size for iOS (WHEN WILL EV GET THIS!!!!). Wishing you all the best in 2020. PS I’ve been an EV user since 2009. Hoping their longevity means they aren’t going anywhere.
  5. What I would really like is to create quick tables using the tab button, for example: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayAM Red Blue Orange Pink White PM Yellow Red Blue Orange Pink But where everything lines up, basically a quick table created using the tab button. Thanks again for all your work, enjoying the new beta.
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