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  1. Last I knew, the security on Evernote is *not* secure as far as encryption if anyone gets to your data (say they get your password or hack your account.) I don't put any sensitive info in Evernote's cloud. And my local Evernote notebooks are stored on a Truecrypted drive. In the following thread, even Dick Engberg says "I'd recommend using our built-in encryption feature for any credit card numbers or passwords that you put into Evernote. This is how I use my Evernote account." It's also my understanding, this "built-in encryption" only works on text, no PDF files.


    I store my sensitive documents locally on a Truecrypted drive & in the cloud on Jungle Disk, which was designed for this type of use.

  2. I'm dinking with a program that seems very cool - Dropbox - and am playing around with it in conjunction with Evernote, Quicken & a couple of other programs. Dropbox is another "cloud" program, but the data is stored on Amazon's S3 system and is encrypted before being stored on the S3 system. What this means is that since there are alot of my Evernotes that I don't want on Evernote's "cloud" because they contain sensitive data (the idea behind the current EN encryption is great if you have only a few things that are sensitive...but if you regularly store sensitive data, it just isn't feasible...) I understand EN's position as to why they have no plans for fully encrypted notebooks and so what I've been doing is copying/pasting my EN files between my desktop & my laptop. But Dropbox seems to be the ideal solution to keep both computers in sync and yet still be able to have alot of sensitive data encrypted when it's sitting on the "cloud" server.

    I've only started dinking with this today, so cannot comment fully. But so far, I've run into one thing I don't like. Dropbox does not allow you to store your Dropbox folder (translate: sync folder) on a USB drive...unless it's mounted as a folder on an internal drive. But for many people, this may not be a problem.

  3. We have recently released the Service API for 3rd party development, so all you Palm developers, request your key and get coding!

    More info here:


    Of course, once you've written your super-cool PalmOS Evernote client, we'd love to see it, and shower you with all due praise to your amazing awesomness.

    I'm not a Palm developer, but I'd love it if someone DID create EN for Palm OS, that would hot sync with the EN desktop and would be willing to pay for such an app. :D

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