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  1. Ok, that explains it. We're generating relatively large thumbnail images for your notes so that they will look clean and readable if you zoom into the thumbnails in the "thumbnail view" using the slider. So with 55,000 notes, that works out to around 285kB per thumbnail image. Deleting them would free up the space temporarily, but then the client will need to regenerate them.
  2. Locking unproductive thread. OP - thanks for the feedback about sorting behavior in our clients.
  3. We don't plan to ever try to sell Evernote "appliances" ... we're a cloud-based service company.
  4. How many notes do you have in your account? If you open a support inquiry, we can help you rebuild your local database from scratch, which might clear out old data: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
  5. Thanks, I just fixed it. We upgraded PhpBB3 to the latest version to help with anti-spam protection, and I think we got the permissions wrong for one directory.
  6. Thanks for the report, I've filed a bug on this. And, due to your threats, I've asked our Mac team lead to come back from his family's weekend trip to Disneyland and get right on fixing this one. His kids have had enough joy in their life already.
  7. try typing this in the search box: resource:image/* source:mobile.*
  8. Thanks for the report, I have reproduced this error with the odd URL pasting, and filed an internal bug.
  9. If it's still doing that tomorrow, try contacting Support.
  10. We don't currently have a way to change all of the default hotkeys in Evernote, although I wouldn't be surprised if there was some Mac hack tool that would let you change key bindings for arbitrary apps.
  11. I put some of my web account passwords into Evernote (encrypted), but I don't store my most important passwords in any computer system or password managers. For example, my Comcast account login information is in Evernote, but my personal Gmail password isn't (since email accounts tend to serve as a "skeleton key" for many other accounts due to "Forgot Password?" links.) I think different people may have a different balance of security and convenience.
  12. Our Mac team took a look at one of the samples provided, and it looks like the client was busy generating new "thumbnails" for each of the notes in your account. Whenever we release a new version (like 2.0.5) that includes changes to the thumbnail rendering code, the client will need to go back and retroactively render your thumbnails again. This is a one-time operation for that version, so the CPU should go away after an hour or two.
  13. Yes, the encryption for each region may be separate -- there's no global "passsphrase" to change for security reasons. So you can set each region separately, and if you want to change them, you need to change them individually.
  14. This may depend on the PDF application that you've registered on your phone to open PDF files. You could email yourself one of the same PDF documents and then try to open it from the phone's email application to see if you have the same problem when you open it without going through Evernote.
  15. The iPhone operating system doesn't really have different "places" for your data. Each application just stores its own data without any sharing between them. If you uninstall an application, all of its data disappears with it automatically. This means that on the iPhone, your data is just stored "on the phone" without any more relevant details. The notes you create are synchronized to the service, and then available on your Mac and other computers, but the iPhone doesn't really have useful distinctions for data stored on the device itself.
  16. The "Save" menu option is pretty gratuitous, since the client continually saves your data as you type. It's mostly there because people expect to see it, and got confused when we didn't have it. I.e. they were confused whether it was safe to turn off their computers after typing into a note. The "Sync" button is much more specific ... it sends your updates to the server (and receives updates from the server).
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. Things like this are a little more complicated in Evernote because we store note data in a form of HTML that is then "rendered" for viewing separately on every platform: web (4 different browsers), mac, windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, WinPhone7, etc... So any little tricky special syntax that we add needs to have corresponding rendering code added to every single client, or else we'll receive anger from the users of each platform because we (e.g.) failed to add LaTeX support on BlackBerry, so their notes are unreadable. This is why we tend to prefer using existing web-friendly renderings like JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc. rather than ad-hoc markup within the notes for each separate community and feature.
  18. In general, if the Mac client is using a lot of CPU and becoming unresponsive for long spans of time (e.g. 10 seconds+) with the "beach ball" icon, then it's worth trying a reboot and possibly a reinstall first. If the problem persists, we'd like to track down a bit more information via the Activity Monitor. You can select our application there when the app is "hung" and press the "Sample Process" button to get a snapshot of what the app is doing at that time. If you do this on a couple of different occasions, we can collect even more results. If you provide these to Support via an inquiry, we can pass them along to engineering for analysis. Thanks
  19. I generally recommend quitting our app from the elephant icon, then drag it to the Trash, quit all other apps, and empty the Trash. That works 99% of the time.
  20. We agree that this is a feature we want on all of our clients, and we're spending months of effort on each platform to make this happen. We chose not to delay launching it on the first client (Mac) until after we'd implemented it on the very last client. That's based on a general philosophy that it's best to just make things available as soon as possible, since we have different development teams for each platform.
  21. If you select multiple notes, you can drag them together and drop them on a tag to apply that tag to all of them.
  22. Which type of icons are you looking for? If you just want to see the list of notes as individual icons, then you can use the "View > Thumbnail View" menu and then reduce the size of the thumbnails to a small size with the slider at the bottom.
  23. I would agree that the appearance of the "click this button first!" prompt isn't exactly beautiful, but it's designed so that you should only see it once, and it's trivial to make it go away by pressing the button once.
  24. Please open a support inquiry at the bottom of: https://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
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