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  1. The two most important fixes were for a large class of crashes and for data loss when editing a note on iOS when you switch from one app to another and then back to Evernote while editing.
  2. If you are able to post to the forum, then I think your activation was successful.
  3. Images for free users may take a few hours, but not more than a day. Images in Premium accounts are processed in a few minutes. PDFs in Premium accounts can take a bit longer, but that's mostly because the PDF itself may take a long time to process if it has multiple pages.
  4. If you select multiple PDFs, you can drag and drop them on a notebook (on the left side of Evernote's UI), and it will create one note per PDF.
  5. We have actually talked to people from a number of large (Fortune 500) companies about Evernote, and they usually have a much longer laundry list of requirements and certifications. Typically, their IT folks would first send us a 20 page questionnaire full of technical requirements and industry-specific certifications and whatnot (e.g. HIPAA for medical organizations). I haven't seen "dual factor authentication" on any of those yet, but I have a hunch that it would come up for some companies in the fourth stage of review and vetting, 16 months into the sales cycle. Basically, a bunch of the people who built Evernote have a lot of experience in the "Enterprise software sales" business, and it's completely 180-degree different than Evernote's "freemium" personal memory service. It's hard to do both business models under the same roof, in my experience.
  6. That's something we'd like to track down, since it should have flagged your case automatically unless something strange happened. We are in the process of moving our Support workflow over to a new system that should do a better job of processing and tracking cases correctly. Our existing Support ticketing system is choking to death with 100,000+ cases in it, so text-bases searches crawl and our Support people tear out their hair. The new system is going to be a bit more expensive for us, but it looks like it will be much better for our users.
  7. We store the image itself in Evernote so that you'll still be able to "remember" it even if the original web site disappears. We tend to think on the scale of "years" and "decades" when making decisions about how to handle your data.
  8. Does this have the same problem when you type in the body of a note and in the title of a note, or does it work correctly in one place and not in the other?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Nozbe is a nice product, and we agree that it's a great fit for Evernote users.
  10. We don't currently have that feature, but thanks for the suggestion.
  11. To fully quit the Evernote Helper, right-click on the elephant icon in the menu bar and choose "Quit" Then wait a few seconds, and you should be able to replace the old Evernote with your new download. You may also want to give it a reboot then.
  12. In the Chrome clipper Options, you can specify a different destination notebook to use by default when clipping from Chrome:
  13. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me at this game.
  14. We do the lookup on the backend based on the username and/or email address you fill out on that form. If you happen to be logged into our web site or a client and use the Support link/menu, the form will auto-fill the relevant information, but if you go to the URL from scratch and just type it yourself, you'll want to enter the same email address you use for your Premium account.
  15. As a Premium user, you should receive some sort of reply from a human within one business day, California time. That assumes that when you filled out the support form, you correctly gave your Premium username and/or email address ... if you didn't identify your account correctly, we won't know that you're Premium.
  16. There are some good tips on using Evernote on our blog (blog.evernote.com) and Ron's tips blog: http://evernote.tumblr.com/
  17. Ooh, I'd wear one of those, too. Especially if we made it look a little bit like the Green Lantern logo...
  18. We have a lot of users who access us from their jobs at large organizations, but Evernote is fundamentally a cloud service for individuals. Sponsored accounts allow one person to pay for the Premium accounts of many other people, but we do not plan to pursue an "Enterprise software" business model.
  19. Since you share this with another person by email address, we don't actually know which Evernote account that corresponds to until the recipient of the email clicks on it and logs in to their account. For example, the recipient of the email may not yet have an Evernote account when you send the invitation, or they may have registered their account under a different email address. Since the URL itself contains secret information, and it's only sent to your friend's email address, they should be the only one who clicks on it. I.e. the URL is not "public" anywhere except that direct email. So as long as you typed the email address, only the recipient should be able to open the note, and if you shared the notebook with "require login" permissions, then it will be permanently bound to their account on first login. So, yes, this is working as intended, but it may be a little confusing how it works, since we wanted to make sure you could share with a friend without having to coordinate with them to learn their Evernote username first.
  20. We don't have anything in principle against such a view, but we already have three other views that allow people to see their notes in various different ways. It's already feeling a little bit cluttered -- when I think about the most clean and easy software I've used in the past, I don't usually think of 4+ different layouts for the same set of information. So the general fear of "over-engineering" a cluttered product has kept us working on other features instead.
  21. Your device is trying to connect to our web servers and failing. Can you try logging on to your account from our mobile web interface? I.e. on the phone, see if you get any errors or warnings if you log in at: https://www.evernote.com/m
  22. From the desktop clients, you can also Paste without Formatting to remove all styles and use text-only contents of the clipboard.
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