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  1. If you take a JPEG picture of something with handwritten text, Evernote should do a decent job of searching for that note. (It may take up to a few hours to process the image, however.) If you use a PDF document, handwriting isn't recognized as well. I.e. PDF scans for Premium accounts give good results for scanned printed text, but not great for handwriting.
  2. We would absolutely LOVE it if you used an open-source client developed by smart engineers that we didn't have to pay. That's not a "threat", that would be delightful.
  3. A Linux-only program that synchronizes with one of those systems wouldn't let you access or add content from anywhere else. I.e. you couldn't take a picture from your Android phone, then find it by searching for text within the image from your Windows computer at work so you can edit the title and later view it from your friend's Mac web browser. There are plenty of single-platform note taking applications out there, but that's not really what Evernote is building.
  4. We'd love to see an open-source Java-based application for Linux that synchronizes with Evernote. For example: http://nevernote.sourceforge.net/ For a variety of technical reasons, email protocols are not suitable for a read-write note taking background. Neither IMAP nor POP allow you to edit an existing message (aside from a tiny number of hard-coded "flags"). So editing a note four times would involve deleting the old IMAP message and creating a new one, etc. We actually considered using IMAP as our transport between clients and servers, and decided it wasn't up to the job. Thanks
  5. No, the clients currently display the PDFs in readable form, but thanks for the suggestion.
  6. You can use a third-party Mindmapping application, and then drag the map files into Evernote if you have a Premium subscription. Then you can double-click to open them again in that application.
  7. This relies on an operating system feature of iOS4 which isn't yet available for iPad. When iOS4 comes out for iPad, I think this will be supported.
  8. How were you performing the clip? I.e. what operating system, what web browser, and how did you do the clip in that browser? If you open a support inquiry at the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ They can help you out.
  9. Try using the "Bookmarklet" in Firefox instead. You can install that from the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php
  10. Please go to the "Add-ons" list for Firefox and display the Evernote Preferences. On that page, change the second option so that Firefox will clip to "Evernote on your desktop":
  11. We recognize that this limitation doesn't make much sense from the user's perspective, but we don't have a simple fix for this due to the design of the PDF OCR software that we're using. (I.e. it behaves as a "black box" that doesn't allow us to insert our own custom handwriting solution into the mix.) This has come up with R&D several times, and we do hope to improve this in the future.
  12. The OCR technology we've licensed to process PDF documents doesn't yet contain great handwriting recognition, but this is something on the list for R&D to improve in the future. Thanks
  13. I spent a couple of days getting a strict, authenticating HTTP proxy set up, and then tested our clients. I found some problems on all of our clients, so filed a bunch of bugs. I was a bit surprised to see iPhone/iPad usage in that kind of corporate setting, but I guess I shouldn't be. Thanks for the information
  14. Yes, if you have a Free account, you may only attach files of type: GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, WAV, MP3, AMR Premium accounts may attach any file (up to a total of 50MB for a single note).
  15. This is actually sort of a "feature" (not a "bug"). If you use the clipper and then don't hit the "Save" button, we don't actually make a note. I.e. if you just click away from that panel, Chrome closes our clipper, but we don't make the note unless you Save or Discard. If you then try to clip again, you're seeing the remembered contents so you can continue. You can remove this "auto-save" behavior in the preferences for our extension.
  16. It sounds like some strange issue with the Windows clipboard. You might have better luck if you paste directly into Evernote for Windows.
  17. Try disabling all other extensions in Firefox, and make sure that your security settings for Firefox are the defaults. In particular, you need to permit "third party cookies" for Evernote to clip correctly. If that fails, I'd try a reboot. If that still doesn't work, check under the Preferences for our FF extension. You may want to try changing the first setting there.
  18. Currently, the Chrome clipper is entirely web-based ... Google doesn't really encourage native code in their extensions. We may revisit this in the future, however, so that the Chrome clipper can go directly to our native application.
  19. We don't currently have any native application for that platform, and haven't announced any plans about it. I.e. I wouldn't buy the phone on the assumption that there will be a full Evernote client, although you should be able to use Evernote via our mobile web interface (http://www.evernote.com/m), and you can also send pictures and other documents from the device into your Evernote account if you put your "incoming email address" into your contacts list on the device.
  20. I checked with the Mac lead engineer, and it turns out I was lying. There's a confirmation before you empty the trash, but not when you put a note in the trash. Sorry about that.
  21. I think that these preferences go into this plist file: /Users/XXXX/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist
  22. Thanks for the feedback. The first time you delete a note, it should display a dialog warning/confirming, with a checkbox that says "don't show me this again". You may have chosen that checkbox if you no longer see that dialog when you delete.
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