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  1. For step #2, you can also just click on the elephant icon in the menu bar and choose "Quit"
  2. The "helper app" is needed to make the elephant icon in the menu bar work ... this supports making screenshots and pasting directly into Evernote from the OS.
  3. I assume that you're on Chrome. If you click away from our pop-up window, that effectively dismisses our application without giving us any way to "clean up", so you need to press the Save button to save the clip.
  4. Does your proxy network require a username and password when you first start to access the web from the device? I believe that this can cause problems for our application (and other apps that try to access HTTP). My understanding is that the standard HTTP software calls in iOS don't give the right mechanism for us to get the username and password for the proxy from the user, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details.
  5. We're planning to replace the name of the "subject date" field (which was confusing for most new users) with "due date" instead. In all other ways, it would still be usable to store an arbitrary date of your choosing, so if you wanted to store a particular historic date in that (and not use "due dates"), then you could continue to do so. We would add a few more features in the UI that are more convenient for people who want to use this field for an actual "due date" (e.g. sorting with values in the future), but if you want to use it to represent some other date, that's fine.
  6. m4a files can be attached to a Premium account, but they can't be played from the mobile clients.
  7. Apple doesn't give us any way to install a clipper into the iPad Safari browser, so there's no easy way to get clipping to work on the device. Our Javascript-based "bookmarklet" web clipper mostly works, but it's not very easy to install it as a bookmark on the browser: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=12712
  8. We have identified a problem with the proxy support in iOS that makes it difficult for developers (like Evernote) to support "authenticating" proxies. I.e. if your proxy server requires a username and password, then the standard HTTP networking libraries in iOS don't work correctly. We're investigating options, but it's a bit of a messy situation.
  9. Thanks for the reports. We're still investigating this, but don't see this problem on our devices. So we're trying to determine the variable (e.g. networks, etc.) that may be causing this problem.
  10. Guests can only add tags to a note if those tags are already part of that shared notebook. I.e. the tag must already be applied to at least one of the other notes in that notebook. This is to prevent a guest from polluting your account with dozens of tags that you need to find and delete on the left side.
  11. Not everyone uses the organizational hierarchy to imply that parents are a superset of children. So we'd get at least as many questions and complaints if we did it the way that you describe. "I selected the 'computer' tag, and it selects notes that aren't tagged with that word at all!"
  12. Oops, I got confused on this one, sorry. The "clip to the client" option is in Firefox, not in Chrome. The Chrome extension is pure Javascript that can't run any native code (as part of the Chrome design), so it can't clip directly to our native application.
  13. I'd recommend that you choose the option to clip directly to your client instead of using the web. This will generally result in faster clipping, since your own computer is doing the work and then has the note immediately in your client.
  14. English version: It looks like you may be using an older version, since you're missing an option for the clip destination. Try updating Firefox to the latest version and search for "Evernote Firefox" on Google to install the latest extension. The "Clip full page" setting specifies whether to clip the full web page if you don't have any selection. This overrides an option on the clipping dialog when you actually clip. The "Destination" specifies where new notes should go in your account. Normally, it will remember the notebook you select when you clip, and use that on your next clip. The clip styling option lets you choose whether to include CSS in the clipped content. This makes some notes better looking, but may make them harder to edit. The last two options determine what happens if you dismiss the little clipping window without hitting the button to save it.
  15. No, stacks are a single level. If you need a much more complicated hierarchical organizational scheme, we'd recommend using Tags, since you can nest them to any level and have up to 10,000 tags.
  16. It's compatible with the released versions of Firefox. We generally don't have the staff to keep up with all of the bugs in every beta browser and operating system, but we'll make sure they work well as soon as they're released.
  17. The link to download version 3.5 is at the bottom of this page: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/windows.php
  18. We don't have any separate proxy server configuration in Evernote, we just use the one for the OS. You could try changing the Windows Internet settings to point to a different proxy when you sync Evernote, but we don't have our own explicit settings since we rely on the operating system for the main HTTP networking.
  19. What happens if you try to log in to Evernote on the web using Internet Explorer? Does this work?
  20. Evernote should use the standard Internet settings for Windows. So if you can make Internet Explorer log on successfully to Evernote's web service without any errors or warnings, then Evernote's client should also work.
  21. Yes, it's possible to take an initial file in some other formatting system and convert it into HTML. Maintaining a round-trip conversion to go back and forth would be extremely difficult, since full nested HTML is much more rich than simple markup. This is why you only tend to see markup in systems that use markup as their low-level internal representation. It's not a generic editing format for fully expressed HTML.
  22. If you're seeing incorrect behavior, please specify what application you are copying from.
  23. There have been a number of fixes to better handle various Mac clipboard representations from different third-party applications. It's much better than it used to be, but there are still a million possible combinations of source/format/destination, so we'll keep quashing any bugs we find. High-level release notes are available from within the Mac client, under: Help > Release Notes
  24. If your original PDF contains text that you can select/copy/paste, then you can put that into your account and search for it even if you have a Free account. If your PDF is a scan with no selectable text in it, then you won't be able to search for that from a Free account. If you have a Premium account, we'll do OCR on that scan to produce a "searchable" version, and index that for searching.
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