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  1. We would absolutely LOVE it if you used an open-source client developed by smart engineers that we didn't have to pay. That's not a "threat", that would be delightful.
  2. A Linux-only program that synchronizes with one of those systems wouldn't let you access or add content from anywhere else. I.e. you couldn't take a picture from your Android phone, then find it by searching for text within the image from your Windows computer at work so you can edit the title and later view it from your friend's Mac web browser. There are plenty of single-platform note taking applications out there, but that's not really what Evernote is building.
  3. We'd love to see an open-source Java-based application for Linux that synchronizes with Evernote. For example: http://nevernote.sourceforge.net/ For a variety of technical reasons, email protocols are not suitable for a read-write note taking background. Neither IMAP nor POP allow you to edit an existing message (aside from a tiny number of hard-coded "flags"). So editing a note four times would involve deleting the old IMAP message and creating a new one, etc. We actually considered using IMAP as our transport between clients and servers, and decided it wasn't up to the job. Thanks
  4. No, the clients currently display the PDFs in readable form, but thanks for the suggestion.
  5. You can use a third-party Mindmapping application, and then drag the map files into Evernote if you have a Premium subscription. Then you can double-click to open them again in that application.
  6. I spent a couple of days getting a strict, authenticating HTTP proxy set up, and then tested our clients. I found some problems on all of our clients, so filed a bunch of bugs. I was a bit surprised to see iPhone/iPad usage in that kind of corporate setting, but I guess I shouldn't be. Thanks for the information
  7. I checked with the Mac lead engineer, and it turns out I was lying. There's a confirmation before you empty the trash, but not when you put a note in the trash. Sorry about that.
  8. I think that these preferences go into this plist file: /Users/XXXX/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The first time you delete a note, it should display a dialog warning/confirming, with a checkbox that says "don't show me this again". You may have chosen that checkbox if you no longer see that dialog when you delete.
  10. Unfortunately, most of our decisions aren't based on "good" versus "bad", but rather "with our limited resources, how can we best attract, retain, and monetize a large number of users." So if we aren't paying two Silicon Valley engineers to spend a year writing a Linux client, it's not that I'd hate to see a Linux client, or we don't take Linux "seriously" (we're running around 80 Linux servers). But rather that we feel that we can attract and maintain more users by spending more money on (e.g.) a better Android client that will be bundled on dozens of phones and attract thousands of new Ever
  11. Not currently. We're trying to balance the memory limits of the device and the size and duration of audio recordings. Currently, the audio is relatively compressed WAV files.
  12. I don't have a release date for the shared notebook access in the clients, but this is still something we're planning.
  13. You can take a picture of such a barcode, but we don't do any special processing on that image.
  14. On your MacBook, try logging on to your web account using Safari (not Firefox or Chrome) on the same machine. Do you get any errors, warnings, or dialog boxes when you try this from Safari?
  15. I just tested the support request form at the bottom of this page: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ And it worked ok for me. Can you please try again? I think you may have just had bad luck with something on our support ticket system. We will happily give you the refund for the annual payment and adjust the account accordingly. Thanks
  16. I believe that the "phone number" thing is coming from the iPhone OS itself. This is the iPhone web controls giving you easy access to dialing phone numbers.
  17. Evernote is not working on a native Linux client, and we don't have any plans to make a Linux client in the future. However, we'd love to see other people build applications that talk to Evernote. We will happily and actively promote good quality applications that work with our API. E.g.: http://www.evernote.com/about/integration/ Randy (baumgarr, above) has been working on a Linux note taking application that works with Evernote for a while, so you could talk to him about testing his application.
  18. If you have a third-party tablet device attached to your Mac, then you can enable ink support (for free!) in the operating system: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/ ... ternative/ This includes handwriting recognition, which you can use to write and produce text for any well-behaved application (including Evernote).
  19. We'd still consider doing native ink support on the Mac at some point in the future, but we're currently focused on a long list of problems and features (e.g. better text editing and styling) that are also very important for Mac users, including those who don't have a third-party tablet for handwriting.
  20. Yes, Skitch is a great piece of software. If you write on a Skitch graphic before adding it to Evernote, it should be processed by Evernote so that you can search for the handwritten text later.
  21. Thanks for the report. I think you're right that we may not correctly support HTTP proxies that require authentication. I'll file this with QA to investigate further.
  22. You may have up to 10,000 tags in your account, and you may organize them into arbitrary hierarchies. Ultimately, tags are just a tool to make it easier to find your notes later. I wouldn't spend 20 hours organizing your notes into tag hierarchies just to save 15 minutes later in helping you search for your notes. You may find that a simpler organizational scheme may be enough, given the power of the dynamic searching/filtering tools in Evernote (searching by word, dates, locations, contents, etc.). The Internet has billions of web pages in it, but I can find the right one pretty quickly v
  23. From your Windows client, you can check the SyncLog* files (Tools > Options > Open Log folder) to check the detailed error messages there.
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