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  1. There's no way to do this from our user interface, although it may be possible from Applescript: http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/mac.php
  2. Thanks for the report. I haven't seen this behavior myself, but I'll pass it to QA.
  3. It's not safe to delete those files, no. We are investigating why a few of the OCR documents are getting particularly large OCR versions (due to fonts being included in the PDF).
  4. One of the Ruby gems replaces the built-in 'tidy' command in OS X (/usr/bin/tidy) with a broken script in the same location. You need to restore the original /usr/bin/tidy command that comes with OS X. On my 10.6.6 box, that command is 65072 bytes: ~ $ ls -al `which tidy` -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 65072 Aug 31 2010 /usr/bin/tidy Once you've fixed that broken part of the OS, Evernote should work ok. You may also want to file a bug with the Ruby folks, who absolutely should not be replacing this file with their own.
  5. The affiliate program is for new users that come to Evernote from an application like NeverNote, but any app that wants to accept direct payments or donations is more than welcome to. There are a lot of apps in the iOS App Store that charge a dollar or two for their own app, and also participate in our referral affiliate program.
  6. If you want to search and browse and view thumbnails (etc.), then storing the maps as PDFs in Evernote makes sense. If you just have a set of files that happen to be maps, and you want to just keep those in sync on your different computers, then Dropbox would work well. I think of Dropbox as more about managing "files" while Evernote is more about content and notes and memories and such.
  7. We discussed the architecture for this feature last week and still plan to implement it. Since it crosses various clients, it's a bit more complicated than enabling camera support in the iPad app (which is basically just turning on the feature that's already in the iOS client for iPhones). Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Thanks for the report. We should support passwords up to 64 characters, so that may be a bug.
  9. Those are OCR versions of your PDF scans. In a few cases, those may be larger than your original PDF document, but we need them to perform text searches in your scans.
  10. There's no such thing as a "Symbian" application of the complexity of Evernote ... you need to build for one of the specific profiles of devices to have a UI-based application that can support the features our users expect on one of our clients. (E.g. display of our rich HTML notes.) This means that supporting all of the old legacy phones would require building 3 or 4 different client applications, with very little benefit due to limited new user acquisition on those old phones. We spent a few months working on an application to run on one of the Nokia-specific application platforms (Web Runtime - WRT), and decided that the end result wasn't going to be satisfactory for a number of technical and usability reasons. Nokia's huge commitment to Windows Phone 7 has definitely justified this product decision, and we'll be very happy to support the next generation of Nokia phones running WP7 with our forthcoming WP7 client.
  11. We have an Affiliate program for partner applications (http://www.evernote.com/about/affiliate/) where we'll give the first $10 of revenue we get from any user referred to us from that app. So if Randy wants to list NeverNote in a popular Linux software catalog and then encourage people to create accounts from his app, he'll get $10 for each of those users who upgrade to Premium.
  12. Have you installed the "Ruby" software development platform on that Mac? (We've seen a similar problem due to a problem in the Ruby packages.) Is the note titled "Prueba" empty on your Mac client? If it is, then try deleting it and emptying it from the Trash. If it's not empty, you can try Exporting it to an HTML file instead of ENEX, and then delete it and empty the Trash. Also - how did you create that note?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. We are working on improving the web UI ... we've supported dragging and dropping files onto the web client for a while (http://blog.evernote.com/2010/05/27/eve ... nd-safari/) and things like Stacks are being implemented in the new web UI redesign: viewforum.php?f=57
  14. Well, if you left click between paragraphs within in PDF, and then drag your mouse downward, most people expect that to start selecting the bottom paragraph, not to start dragging the PDF file itself. Visually, it can be hard to tell the difference between "in something" and "not in something" in a PDF. I'm pretty sure we'd get more complaints if we implemented it this way than we get with the current behavior.
  15. We added "Notebooks" and "Stacks" to Evernote so that you can maintain separate sets of data within Evernote without mingling them together. This is the recommended way to use Evernote rather than trying to use separate accounts for every subset of your data. On the other hand, you can also use Evernote from a web browser to simultaneously access a second account.
  16. Yes, you can right-click on a Notebook to export the whole thing. This doesn't affect your own quota, but if someone then Imports those notes into their own Evernote account and synchronizes those to their server, then it will use their upload quota to add those notes to their account.
  17. Drag-and-drop already works if the PDF is displayed as an attachment ... e.g. right click on it to switch it to an Attachment, and then drag the file icon and drop on the Desktop. I think the gap is that we don't handle the "left click and move the mouse" gesture in the PDF preview as "start dragging a file", but rather as "select text within this PDF." If we were to change it to allow you to click in a PDF body and start dragging it, then you wouldn't be able to select text any longer. So it's not a completely straightforward usability problem.
  18. We had a problem on one of our servers that has now been fixed. The missing emails are being processed now, and we should be caught up within the next two hours.
  19. From either desktop client, you can right-click on a note or on a notebook and Export it. If you choose the HTML format, then it will be visible by non-Evernote users.
  20. The service stores the exact bits of each image that you upload, but we may render it in a smaller size on different platforms if that will help it look better. For example, on the web we show really large images in a smaller form initially, but if you click on the image once, it will expand to full size. (This usually requires you to use the scrollbar to pan around within the image.)
  21. Thanks for the feedback. You can right-click on the PDF to just Save it directly from the client without all of that exporting, but we do intend to add drag-and-drop support for inline PDFs to the Finder in the future.
  22. If you post your question on the forum for your operating system and/or client software, you can get a more exact answer. Each Evernote client stores data differently.
  23. Yes, multiple different people can use Evernote on the same Mac computer just fine, but they should have separate Mac desktop logins. Then each will have their own "home directory" on the Mac, and each will have their own notes stored within their Mac home directory. The "small number" of people I was referring to is the people who want to use Evernote from the same computer but won't make separate Mac desktop logins.
  24. If you don't see any "toolbar" buttons in the Mac client, then you may have hidden them. Go to: View > Show Toolbar
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