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  1. I just tested the support request form at the bottom of this page: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ And it worked ok for me. Can you please try again? I think you may have just had bad luck with something on our support ticket system. We will happily give you the refund for the annual payment and adjust the account accordingly. Thanks
  2. I believe that the "phone number" thing is coming from the iPhone OS itself. This is the iPhone web controls giving you easy access to dialing phone numbers.
  3. It sounds like you're using the Mac? If so ... Go to: Evernote > Preferences > Clipping You can change your preferred clipping destination. I also recommend the "Bring the new note to the front" option ... if you have "More Info" selected, you can easily change the notebook for the created note, or just close it with Cmd-W if you don't need to make any changes.
  4. We believe that we have fixed this for the next release of the iPhone client (3.3.4). We sent this to Apple this week, so hope to see it in the App Store soon. Thanks
  5. Which operating system are you using? In either desktop client, you can quickly open the new note in its own window and type the tags directly in that window, then close that note window without ever opening our main application window.
  6. What application did you use to record this audio file? I.e. did you create this file using Evernote, or did this come from another application? Thanks
  7. Ah, I've reproduced this problem and filed a bug with Engineering.
  8. Safari doesn't have an "official" way to add buttons to the toolbar, so we had to use a hack trick to make it appear. Our current trick doesn't behave correctly in some situations, but we hope to improve this in the future. Thanks
  9. What web browser and operating system are you using? You should see an option to pay with PayPal on the second step of the "Gift" process:
  10. Ok, I've reproduced the problem - it appears that the Firefox clipper may be having an issue trying to fall back to Javascript-only clipping when it can't find our client. I'll file a bug. If you're only clipping directly to the web (not to a native client), then you can just use our "bookmarklet" web clipper in Firefox. You can get that from the very bottom of this page: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php Drag that "Clip to Evernote" link to your toolbar. Thanks for the report
  11. Ok, this is just a guess, but could you try it again, and then go to: Tools > Error Console See if there's anything related to Evernote there. Also - do you have Evernote for Windows installed on that computer? I.e. when you've clipped in the past, does it create a note directly in your Windows client, or does it go to the web first instead? Thanks
  12. Could you please try: Uninstall the Evernote add-in from Firefox Restart Firefox Reinstall the clipper from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8381 Let us know if that works
  13. I think that PayPal may work differently for a single purchase (e.g. a book) versus a recurring subscription. You could try making a "Gift" purchase via PayPal, but give your own email address as the recipient: https://www.evernote.com/Gift.action Since this is a one-time purchase, maybe it will work better in PayPal
  14. Unfortunately, this problem is at Paypal. We told them that we want to accept as many users as possible, and we told them that we don't want to exclude Germans. But this is their decision, unfortunately, and we can't change it. This is related to using PayPal for a recurring "subscription", so they want to have some sort of card on file with your account.
  15. The fix for the desktop web clipper is unrelated to anything on the iPad. The iPad's web browser doesn't handle our web interface due to a number of limitations (e.g. it doesn't show scrollbars in our list of notes, so you can't navigate within your account). That's why we direct you to install our iPad client instead.
  16. Thanks for the report. If you are using our "Javascript" web clipper (i.e. if you're not clipping to our client on Windows or Mac with a "native" clipper), then you may see this error if you clip and are not already logged in to Evernote on the web. If you log in to your web account first, that will avoid the problem. We have a fix for this issue which will be deployed in tomorrow night's weekly service update. Thanks
  17. Evernote is not working on a native Linux client, and we don't have any plans to make a Linux client in the future. However, we'd love to see other people build applications that talk to Evernote. We will happily and actively promote good quality applications that work with our API. E.g.: http://www.evernote.com/about/integration/ Randy (baumgarr, above) has been working on a Linux note taking application that works with Evernote for a while, so you could talk to him about testing his application.
  18. Thanks for these logs, this is very helpful. Now, I believe that you should be able to fix the problem by: Uninstall Evernote Reboot the device Reinstall from the app store
  19. If you can't sync from your desktop, either, then that's probably unrelated. Please open a support inquiry at the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ Either way, we'll want to get logs from your device(s) and/or computers. The iPhone and iPad logs come from the Configuration Utility (above), and the desktop clients come from: Help > Activity Log...
  20. The best way to help us track down the cause of this issue is to gather more information from your device using the Configuration Utility from the link, above. We haven't seen this on any of our devices, so we're trying to figure out what's happening. Thanks
  21. You can't do this within the clipper, but you can open our web interface and edit the note there.
  22. jpaulus - this problem has been fixed in version 3.3.2, which we sent to Apple for approval on Tuesday morning. For now, you can work around the problem by uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it from the App Store.
  23. We are not working on a generic "S60" application for a number of reasons. Past attempts at generic mobile OS applications (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry) resulted in a lot of frustration due to lowest-common-denominator hardware integration (e.g. cameras), inconsistent networking, interfaces, etc. Individual Nokia devices are certainly important to us. The Maemo and N97 are good examples. I don't have a date for future releases.
  24. Please confirm that you've updated to the latest version (3.3.1) which came out over the weekend. If you still have problems with the latest version, then please use the Configuration Utility to retrieve the details from your device.
  25. It's a bit hard to say for sure what's happening there. You could get more information via Apple's Configuration Utility: http://www.evernote.com/pub/ensupport/f ... 889363d100 I'd recommend that you try uninstalling our app, reboot the iPhone, and then reinstall from the App Store. Thanks
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