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  1. We don't have sub-notebooks, but you can organize tags into a hierarchy. This may allow you to set up the organizational scheme you're looking for.
  2. We don't plan to add a MindMap UI directly into our products, but we will be publishing programming interfaces (APIs) in the near future, which would allow the creation of specialized tools like MindMaps by third-party developers.
  3. In general, we didn't build Evernote as a word processor, so it may not give you a lot of the formatting and editing options you'd expect from a full document application. But for documents that look a lot like "notes", it might do what you want. Synchronization is handled at the note level, and each client keeps track of the last update version number for each note when it syncs. If one client submits a change to a note, then the service is updated. If another client tried to edit the same note while offline at the same time and then sync, the second client would see that the server has been updated already, and it would store the conflicting version locally so that you can resolve the problem. I.e.it's more "First Online Save Wins" for conflict resolution. This happens at the level of individual notes, so you can edit 5 notes on one offline laptop and then 3 different notes on another offline laptop and they should both sync fine. You only create a local synchronization conflict if you edit the same note on two different offline computers.
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