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  1. I can confirm that we're hard at work on this problem to make text handling smoother on the Mac in the next release.
  2. We aren't currently working on this, but we haven't ruled it out in the future. Thanks for the feedback ...
  3. We're continually making improvements to the web UI, but we aren't doing any massive redesigns in the near future.
  4. Our desktop clients for Mac and Windows both represent several engineer-years worth of work, on operating systems with mature integrated support for multimedia, etc. While I would personally love to see a Linux client, we're a small company and won't be able to pay for this to happen any time soon. We have had several people request development keys for our API to work on their own Linux support, and we would love to heavily promote any Linux apps that added Evernote support.
  5. Submit a support request to have your account closed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the support page: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
  6. If you can get Mail.app to export your notes as separate files (either RTF or plain text), you can then import these into Evernote by dragging them on to our dock icon. I tried selecting several notes and either copying or Save As from Mail.app, and it seemed to always want to create a single block of text in a file rather than multiple files.
  7. This thread has reached a fifth page, which makes it a bit unwieldy. I'm going to close this thread, but feel free to open a new one if you think there's information that wasn't covered in this five-page thread.
  8. We would like to see a Linux client, but we are a relatively small company and don't currently have the resources to build and maintain a Linux client for the 1% of our potential customers who use Linux on the desktop. We would be very happy to see a Linux integration from a third party developer using our public network API: http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/ We've offered API keys and a little advice to a few developers who have said they were interested in building a Linux client.
  9. jemostrom - The Mac clipboard uses a large number of different formats and flavors for text. We currently have a bug if you clip from an app that uses one of those flavors, paste into Evernote, and then copy and paste back into an app that uses the wrong flavor. Thanks for the report
  10. You've all seen discussion forums and Internet groups that descend into disfunctional shouting matches and ad hominem personal attacks. I'm sure you've seen other communities that work relatively well because their main aim is collaboration and problem-solving. We hope to keep this forum in the latter category, and do it without some of the aggressive moderation advocated by (e.g.) Edward Tufte: http://www.edwardtufte.com/bboard/q-and ... _id=0000fT This is important not because it protects our feelings, but because it makes this site more useful for all of its visitors. Nothing is a bigge
  11. Pretty please, don't repeat the same demands on different threads ... this is a forum for Evernote users to discuss ideas and solve problems with each other, not a shouting match. Evernote reads every post, so redundancy just wastes everyone's time. Thanks
  12. Thanks for all of the feedback, this is definitely an important issue for us to get right. As an Evernote user, I'd say that this would be my personal top priority issue, so we do hear you!
  13. After spending time on my Sunday morning replying to a dozen forum topics (and even more second-level direct tech support requests), it's refreshing to come in on Monday morning to hear from Daly that we don't reply to users.
  14. Thanks, we had reports about similar problems recently, and have filed an internal bug to improve our handling of plaintext cut-and-paste between Evernote and other applications.
  15. That's interesting to hear ... I didn't know that a headset ever worked. We don't have a way to explicitly choose (or reject) which audio input device is being used by our app. We just make a call to the iPhone OS that says "record some audio" and it uses whatever it can use. We haven't changed this code in a few months, so I suspect that this may be the result of a firmware update of the OS, or some other mysterious configuration variable on your phone.
  16. You can select a set of notes (or all notes) and then use the Export function to make a local export file. You can import this for testing elsewhere, into either normal (synchronized) or local-only notebooks.
  17. Hierarchical notebooks are not in the next release of any of our clients. However, if you want to make hierarchical ontologies to organize your notes, you can do that in all of our clients today by using tags.
  18. The tag hierarchy is purely for organization ... if you have a lot of tags, it may help you find a particular tag. Tags are assigned to a note if you assign them. The tree organization does not imply a semantic relationship between parent and child tags.
  19. We take every request in the forums as a feature request, yes. Could you provide more information about how you see the difference? What is the task you want to accomplish with hierarchical notebooks that you can't do with hierarchical tags?
  20. We don't have sub-notebooks, but you can organize tags into a hierarchy. This may allow you to set up the organizational scheme you're looking for.
  21. We are investigating ways to make Evernote work with corporate proxies and firewalls. Could you look at this post, and perhaps try to run the test tool that I link there? viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5861#p26484 Thanks
  22. We don't plan to add a MindMap UI directly into our products, but we will be publishing programming interfaces (APIs) in the near future, which would allow the creation of specialized tools like MindMaps by third-party developers.
  23. In general, we didn't build Evernote as a word processor, so it may not give you a lot of the formatting and editing options you'd expect from a full document application. But for documents that look a lot like "notes", it might do what you want. Synchronization is handled at the note level, and each client keeps track of the last update version number for each note when it syncs. If one client submits a change to a note, then the service is updated. If another client tried to edit the same note while offline at the same time and then sync, the second client would see that the server has b
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