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  1. That's interesting to hear ... I didn't know that a headset ever worked. We don't have a way to explicitly choose (or reject) which audio input device is being used by our app. We just make a call to the iPhone OS that says "record some audio" and it uses whatever it can use. We haven't changed this code in a few months, so I suspect that this may be the result of a firmware update of the OS, or some other mysterious configuration variable on your phone.
  2. You can select a set of notes (or all notes) and then use the Export function to make a local export file. You can import this for testing elsewhere, into either normal (synchronized) or local-only notebooks.
  3. I think this is a side effect of a fix for a different bug. Previously, if you had an existing tag named "dipsy" in your account, there wasn't any way to assign a new tag "dips" to the new note, because the auto-complete would always select the existing (longer) match. Now, we don't auto-accept the matching auto-completed tag if you don't type in the full name unless you explicitly select it. Thanks
  4. You'll need to log in eventually ... this is an intentional security configuration. I thought you meant that it was requiring you to log in on every clip.
  5. I am using the same version of Firefox on OS X, and this error does not occur for me. Please try disabling your other Firefox extensions to see whether that improves the situation.
  6. That's new to me ... which OS and browser version are you using? I just tried this on both OS X 10.5.5 and XP with FF 3, and I didn't get a crash. Are you clicking on the bookmarklet in your bookmark bar, or on the green elephant logo?
  7. Thanks for the report. This is a known bug in the Javascript-only clipper. For now, you may want to try using one of the integrated desktop clippers instead, which clip directly into your desktop client instead of relying on Javascript in the browsers.
  8. There's no native application from that phone, but you can use the Nokia E71 with Evernote in a number of ways: Email pictures or text notes into your account using the email gateway View your notes using the mobile web UI (http://www.evernote.com/m) Submit pictures via ShoZu, which mail into Evernote Transcribe audio from the phone using something like Dial2Do or reQall, which mail into Evernote Thanks
  9. Hierarchical notebooks are not in the next release of any of our clients. However, if you want to make hierarchical ontologies to organize your notes, you can do that in all of our clients today by using tags.
  10. The tag hierarchy is purely for organization ... if you have a lot of tags, it may help you find a particular tag. Tags are assigned to a note if you assign them. The tree organization does not imply a semantic relationship between parent and child tags.
  11. We take every request in the forums as a feature request, yes. Could you provide more information about how you see the difference? What is the task you want to accomplish with hierarchical notebooks that you can't do with hierarchical tags?
  12. We don't have sub-notebooks, but you can organize tags into a hierarchy. This may allow you to set up the organizational scheme you're looking for.
  13. Please check your add-ons and cookie policies. If you've changed the default settings, your web browser may be refusing to send your session information to our site when you clip.
  14. The "source URL" for the page is preserved when you clip it, and you can view it in the web UI when you expand the "Note Attributes". It's also exposed in the two desktop clients, although in a slightly different UI on Windows (via a little icon in the top-left corner of the note).
  15. We are investigating ways to make Evernote work with corporate proxies and firewalls. Could you look at this post, and perhaps try to run the test tool that I link there? viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5861#p26484 Thanks
  16. When you install the Evernote application on Windows, we install clippers into Firefox and IE on your computer. If you later reinstall either of those applications, you may not see our clippers unless you reinstall Evernote. To just replace the Firefox 3 clipper directly without reinstalling Evernote: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/ ... MozClipper
  17. Well, I wish I could say that we fixed it for you on purpose ... but some times we just get lucky, I guess. Glad to know it works.
  18. We hadn't specifically planned to support markdown, but we will be releasing an API in a few weeks that third party developers could use to accomplish this. Thanks
  19. Have you tried this from FF2 or FF3 on a different machine? I'm curious whether you get the problem on a more recent browser. We don't test (or support) FF 1.5, so I wouldn't be surprised if this were the source of the problem. You might want to consider using a Portable version of FF3 on a USB stick, if you have permission to run applications from sticks: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable
  20. We don't plan to add a MindMap UI directly into our products, but we will be publishing programming interfaces (APIs) in the near future, which would allow the creation of specialized tools like MindMaps by third-party developers.
  21. Thanks for the report ... I just reproduced this, it's a bug.
  22. In general, we didn't build Evernote as a word processor, so it may not give you a lot of the formatting and editing options you'd expect from a full document application. But for documents that look a lot like "notes", it might do what you want. Synchronization is handled at the note level, and each client keeps track of the last update version number for each note when it syncs. If one client submits a change to a note, then the service is updated. If another client tried to edit the same note while offline at the same time and then sync, the second client would see that the server has been updated already, and it would store the conflicting version locally so that you can resolve the problem. I.e.it's more "First Online Save Wins" for conflict resolution. This happens at the level of individual notes, so you can edit 5 notes on one offline laptop and then 3 different notes on another offline laptop and they should both sync fine. You only create a local synchronization conflict if you edit the same note on two different offline computers.
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