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  1. this is the "crapiest" version I even seen. It lost a lot of functions, core functions that made I love Evernote. But now? They trow away everything.
  2. Well, for the last 5 days I'm testing the process to import the Evernote notes into Microsoft OneNote. For those that are interested in discover the process, I will list the positive and negative points, that I discovered among this time: Pros: The OneNote importer works only with the Evernote Win32 version: the Metro version is not supported. In case of Metro Version is not available you can export the notes and import them, as the same Way. Notes format are almost the same as Evernote Original Cons: OneNote Sync Mechanism are VERY slow compared to Evernote
  3. Yep! you have a huge Evernote database, that is far beyond my usage. I'm home now, and testing OneNote sync, and I will end by agreeing with many people here that OneNote is not an real competitor to Evernote. Sync problems and need to Sync again are common, even in this "fresh" version. I will do some more testing for the next days.
  4. On Android devices, you can use SwiftKey keyboard, that has Tab key. I guess there is a version for iOS too.
  5. @PinkElephant The problem relies in the poor infra-structure as a whole outside the main cities. Here in Brazil even the company paying the bill the internet sucks. In my home I got 300Mbps fiber link that really helps a lot. But, I'm afraid that the root cause is not the internet link but the poor sync algorithm that Microsoft has take in place. In the old OneNote version the file that contains your notes are stored in your PC, and is up to you place this file in a shared Cloud folder or not. Today, is totally based on cloud. Tomorrow I'll be in home and I will dig more into this. If the resu
  6. Hi buddy! I don't have a lot of notes, the total space consumed by Evernote database is around 3GB. The most of them are text notes, in a mix of SQL scripts, source code, etc. I got around 5, 6k of individual notes. Some of them (a minor) contains videos, photos and PDF files. I'm still trying OneNote, since it get a huge interface revamp, and now the free version relies 100% in the cloud: there is no (just the cache) files in your disk, so I believe that this is the reason for the very slow sync speed compared to Evernote. The tags are migrated as a annotation in your 'new'
  7. Yeah... I agree with you: they are completely different approach to how store notes. Evernote until now is more advanced in terms of searching and sync mechanism is way better than OneNote, but, I'm trying to end the pain to some minor annoying bugs that was never solved. For exemple, yesterday I tried to logon in my Evernote account and two way factor was unable to recognize the code I put using the Google Auth software. I request a code by SMS. No response. I tried to use the backup codes. Either no response. Today, almost 12 hours later I received the dammit SMS code. So, I guess some issue
  8. I'm migrating all my content to Microsoft OneNote. There is an importer tool (Windows) that migrate all your notes in one single operation. To do that, you need the Evernote Classic Windows Desktop Version installed. And, OneNote had a very great web clipper tool, that just WORKS and capture almost everything that I need. I have a Evernote account almost from 10 years (since 2009), and I really feel that the company is somewhat lost: the most annoying bugs that drives me crazy are forgotten and the developers seems to unable to fix them. A SINGLE web clipper issue that is almost SEVEN FU
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