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  1. upon unchecking that option, it reverts to previous version
  2. thanks. I have done that. Is there a way to view that attachment in Evernote itself? upon clicking it directs to Adobe reader
  3. look at the attached ss. I want pdf file to be viewed normally like an inserted image and not like that. thanks
  4. yeah. I have this latest version but I am talking about new Beta editor which is used in Evernote web. they are currently unavailable on apps.
  5. Hi I am Amartya. I am a premium user since last 1 year. i have few queries. please help me. In past 1 year, i have collected almost 8000 notes in my Ecernote. and now I want to: 1.)weed out duplicate notes by any short-cut method, 2.) remove all hyperlinks in my notes at one go, also i have problem with the way inserted pdf file is shown in an Evernote. please help me in this. Thanks.
  6. Jefito Sir, please have a look at this attached screenshot. there is no "justify" in this text Alignment in the beta editor version. please rectify this. other than that, i love Beta editor.
  7. hi there is some problem with Text alignment in beta version. there is no option to equalize all sentences in beta version. please rectify. thanks
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