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  1. Thank you for the vote . I hope this feature request reach out to the developer.
  2. I have the same issue and have inform the support but still have the bug till now
  3. I have the same trouble . I have send the ticket to the support and still waiting for the reply for the solution .
  4. Thank you for your responses . Hope this idea would read by the dev and they would reconsider it. Thank you for the vote up . 😉
  5. Thanks you for the information . It is help me manage my note better . Thanks
  6. I think so . I mean that in the way a note can connect to the related note . Because when a note became too long I often break it into two note , and in that case it is good idea that there is a link between that two.
  7. Well , that doesn't matter as long it not too weight the program . If it is useful people will likely chose to use it or subscribe for it . For complex calculation I think people would still prefer using Excel with all their feature , but evernote as a personal note it would just need some simple calculation , rather than using calculator manually and write the value manually. That would help saving time and effort .
  8. Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . It would be much help rather than manually calculate the value one by one in the table . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
  9. Hi , I would suggest a feature in evernote web that can export/back up data on computer for selected or all notes in html or .doc format. I have search in the help how to do this but I cant find this, so I think that this feature is still not available in evernote. Please vote this idea if you think that you need this. Thank you
  10. Hi , I would like if Evernote have feature to back up or export notes to word or .doc extenstion in computer . For I know it is still not possible to do it in evernote now , isn't it ? Thank you for your consideration .
  11. Hi , I have used Premium plus and I upload some picture to the note and there is a notification that my note is exceeding note max size. I have search how much size does the maximum size for plus and premium but I can't find it . Is there Anyone can help or know about this this ? I would appreciate your answer and Thank you
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