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  1. I get this issue/bug that I get error message 'failed to save note' when I editing my note and try to confirm my change by pressing the check button in top left corner of the screen . I using Android app Evernote 8.13.3. Please if anyone can help or Dev to solve the issue/bug Thank you
  2. That is Nice feature . Hope this feature is implemented in the web version too. I tried in my evernote web with firefox web browser the ctrl+Q shortcut and my browser is closed . Maybe there a way to use the shortcut in the Web Browser ? Thank you
  3. I found this one strange workflow too. This kind of annoying that When I already type the Topic then the template menu disappeared. Hope the dev fix this issue soon.
  4. Hi . I want to ask if somebody know if there is a way in evernote to filter notes in notebook to not showing notes with specific tag . Is there any way to do that ? Thank you
  5. Revision, I just try my way and notice that when I open a note by shortcut (like ctrl+1) and it open up full in editor in the main windows, and then when I tried it ctrl+enter to open it in new windows it doesn't work. It like what fenway34 say.
  6. Okay thank you for the information. I have tried it and it worked. How did you know it ?
  7. New update released for assign custom shortcut is really helpful. I need a addition shortcut to open notes in new Window. I hope the developer can provide this . Thank you and best regard
  8. I googling for Nimbus when I see your post. Something catch my interest when I see the feature overview. I want to know on Nimbus does the Table/Speadsheet can do some calculation , or I mean We can do the calculation like in the spreadsheet on Nimbu's Table/spreadsheet ? Thanks
  9. I want to edit when it Offline too. It is the one reason I subscribe with evernote . Hope the dev Will bring this feature back and manage this feature to work well. Maybe with adding toggle option to work online or offline ?
  10. I found out another bug on evernote 10 that when I turn CAPSLOCK , I cant use ctrl +B for Bold . the same with CTRL+I not functioning while CAPSLOCK Is on. Dont know with another shortcut .
  11. I experience the same. Evernote has being using much system memory , left my remain memory little for my other apps
  12. I found out that I experiencing this because I set my All notes view in 'snippet' and when I search 'in the notebook(with filter)' the view using the all note view not the per notebook view. I myself want to respect and I respect the hard work the devs do in attempt to improve the app. It really good to always try to improve the app better. But the decision to suddenly update the app with the incomplete workspace without the user can choose to is a bad decision I think. Imagine someone have a tight schedule and something need to be done soon then suddenly they forced to learn the new workspace and solve the new problem to pursue the target. I think people using this app is in hope to be helped in their live and work so they can work efficiently not the other way around. I myself get stuck when I first open the evernote showing up with the new version and have been slowed down in my work and still figuring out how to work with the new 'incomplete' version and get my pace right again. I think most people will need to stick with the older version till the work for the new version is really done . I just find out another thing I notice. I dont't know it is just me or the font in the new version is not as clear and crisp as before. I have tried to make the font bigger but I can see the font in my firefox when I type this and almost another app is more clear and crisp even the font is smaller Thank you for the help and the dev for attention
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I have tried that but I found out that when I use filter the view that in the notebook I set to 'list' view , became 'Snippet' view for the result view and I cant change that search result to 'list' view
  14. I want to add to the list the one feature I often used that I cant find or I didn't find in the New Evernote update 10. Search in the notebook I opened (not search and then add filter ) . It seem the same but very different in workflow. I don't know why the dev push the seem very not complete update to the user .
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