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  1. I found out that I experiencing this because I set my All notes view in 'snippet' and when I search 'in the notebook(with filter)' the view using the all note view not the per notebook view. I myself want to respect and I respect the hard work the devs do in attempt to improve the app. It really good to always try to improve the app better. But the decision to suddenly update the app with the incomplete workspace without the user can choose to is a bad decision I think. Imagine someone have a tight schedule and something need to be done soon then suddenly they forced to learn the new workspace and solve the new problem to pursue the target. I think people using this app is in hope to be helped in their live and work so they can work efficiently not the other way around. I myself get stuck when I first open the evernote showing up with the new version and have been slowed down in my work and still figuring out how to work with the new 'incomplete' version and get my pace right again. I think most people will need to stick with the older version till the work for the new version is really done . I just find out another thing I notice. I dont't know it is just me or the font in the new version is not as clear and crisp as before. I have tried to make the font bigger but I can see the font in my firefox when I type this and almost another app is more clear and crisp even the font is smaller Thank you for the help and the dev for attention
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I have tried that but I found out that when I use filter the view that in the notebook I set to 'list' view , became 'Snippet' view for the result view and I cant change that search result to 'list' view
  3. I want to add to the list the one feature I often used that I cant find or I didn't find in the New Evernote update 10. Search in the notebook I opened (not search and then add filter ) . It seem the same but very different in workflow. I don't know why the dev push the seem very not complete update to the user .
  4. I want to add to the list the one feature I often used that I cant find or I didn't find in the New Evernote update 10. Search in the notebook I opened (not search and then add filter ) . It seem the same but very different in workflow.
  5. I notice for some time there is no reminder in New Evernote Web . It is still or progress or there none ? Or I don't see this somewhere ? The Reminder is a feature I need in my work so I hope I can use these in the New Evernote Web. Thank you
  6. I will looking forward this feature implemented in evernote .
  7. Thank you for the vote . I hope this feature request reach out to the developer.
  8. I have the same issue and have inform the support but still have the bug till now
  9. I have the same trouble . I have send the ticket to the support and still waiting for the reply for the solution .
  10. Thank you for your responses . Hope this idea would read by the dev and they would reconsider it. Thank you for the vote up . 😉
  11. Thanks you for the information . It is help me manage my note better . Thanks
  12. I think so . I mean that in the way a note can connect to the related note . Because when a note became too long I often break it into two note , and in that case it is good idea that there is a link between that two.
  13. Well , that doesn't matter as long it not too weight the program . If it is useful people will likely chose to use it or subscribe for it . For complex calculation I think people would still prefer using Excel with all their feature , but evernote as a personal note it would just need some simple calculation , rather than using calculator manually and write the value manually. That would help saving time and effort .
  14. Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . It would be much help rather than manually calculate the value one by one in the table . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
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