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  1. Yes copying content to another note works but you lose the Metadata G.
  2. Hi this is crazy I edited an existing text note. I added a paragraph of text. I saved with the checkmark, switched to another app, then returned to my note... The edit tool turns into a grey lock and the message "The note is read-only. It was created in another app". I have no other apps interfacing with Evernote. Please advise Thanks
  3. Not at all. I get this problem a lot even when I do not have a search active
  4. The bug that causes loss of notes appeared in 6.7.5 and lasted through 6.9.7 (support asked me to test it) and was solved in 6.10.2 to my knowledge. Someone in this thread mentioned the focus bug starting with 6.10.3 so it appears that 6.10.2 may be a good one to roll back to.
  5. I strongly recommend not to downgrade. A few months ago I had a thorny issue with notes getting lost because they would take the content of another note. I worked with support to recover my lost data which I did using my trial upgrade to business version. They eventually solved the issue over 2 upgrades. this application is being more and more frustrating as it gets important
  6. It is seriously annoying. It also happens in the title. You start typing a title and the cursor goes into the body and you're typing there. You click back to put the cursor at the end of the title and while you're typing it jumps to the head of the title. And it just keeps on happening 2-3 times
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