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  1. We're looking into providing users with more fine-tuning of the most frequently encountered alerts for most users
  2. Thanks for pointing out the missing headers. As of this week, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
  3. Hi anthonyr we are exploring reduced prominence of the entry points of lesser used features, some of which are currently in the note editor window. It may provide an experience closer to what you are looking for. Margins are not part of that exploration, but I have seen the ask elsewhere, so it will be considered in the future.
  4. [Edit 7/13: We've released a patch to address an issue users some users were encountering saving some images using the Evernote Helper & the "Save to Evernote" command in Safari. Link to mos up to date build has been updated below.] Hi All, Today we are releasing 7.2 GA! The release consists of a more robust handling of open attachments while editing externally, the option for auto download & install and numerous bugfixes, particularly in the areas of PDFs, sharing and UI. Out of app, we're trying a new release notes format that is generally more accessible. The releas
  5. Thanks! Noted and filed. Will look into the potential bug with the broader team.
  6. I would suggest uninstalling fully with an app cleaner and download the normal GA build from evernote.com
  7. There have been 2 rounds of improvements to fix the most common reproduction steps of this bug for most users, however, the bug is not fully resolved. The additional cases where this bug can be reproduced will require an outsized effort, including refactoring significant amounts code, so we are prioritizing other bugs over the next month.
  8. I have not seen this issue in the past, but would suggest looking in the most recent notes to see if the images are saved there. If you cannot locate the images, please follow up here and also provide steps to replicate this issue so we can look into a resolution.
  9. Thanks for reporting. We would like to look into this issue. Could you share your column configuration (screenshot or instructions) so we can attempt to reproduce?
  10. Hi DTLow, We're tracking this issue and are working towards a resolution, with a fix targeted for the GA.
  11. Hi Community. Today we are releasing 7.2 Beta 2. The release contains the ability to handle and save external edits to attachments in a greater number of scenarios, including when the resources are deleted. We've also include bug fixes, including some from the helpful community bug reports from beta 1. Keep the comments flowing, they help helped to improve this release. The release can be found here . Evernote for Mac 7.2 Beta 2 Release Notes New: An option to save external edits of attachments in a greater number of scenarios, including potential bugs and crashes
  12. Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. We're balancing feature development with bug fixes and technical spikes. In regards to other material bugs, we have good detection in place so the list is numerous. I am aware of the complications this can create and am allocating some additional resources and developing new strategies for making a more meaningful impact to the bug backlog.
  13. Update: We have identified the root cause of a text flow issue. The 7.1.1 release can be found here. This fix was also included in the 7.2 Beta 1 release. Thank you for the community feedback. 7.1.1 Release Notes: - We took care of an issue with lists sometime having text flow vertically instead of horizontally. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Community, We are releasing version 7.1 GA to provide a way to hide recent notes from shortcuts and to improve quality with 10+ bug fixes, including three for Work C
  14. Hi Everyone, Today we're releasing 7.1 Beta 2! The release contains a feature to hide recent notes from the sidebar (thank you for the community feedback), 10+ bug fixes, including three for Work Chat and stability improvements reducing crash rates. The release can be found here. Evernote for Mac 7.1 Beta 2 Release Notes New • A way to hide and display recent notes in the sidebar Improved • A fix for an intermittent issue with Note Snippets flashing while typing • A fix for an issue where Assisted Search would have a false positive, indicating a note w
  15. Update 2: We have posted a fix for users who have updated to 7.0.3 from 7.1 Beta and received a "version too old" error. The update will appear in the app when selecting update and can also be found here. The update contains the same content as 7.1 Beta 1. Thank you for your feedback. With it, we were able to find a resolution within 24 hours. -Jason ______________ Update: We have observed issues with 7.1 beta 1 users who subsequently update to 7.0.3. At this time we do not recommend updating if you already have 7.1 beta 1 installed. A further update will be post
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