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  1. I'm sure by now Evernote has lost thousands of members because they weren't willing to evolve with the times. I'm done with Evernote. I'm a Notion user now.
  2. Bear has the perfect "Distraction-Free Writing". Check out Bear's full-screen interface vs. Evernote's. This is something obvious. Almost anything made for writing or reading has margins and a clean interface. I feel like Evernote started years ago ahead of the curve. And now the interface seems like it's taking a backseat to innovation. Please Evernote team! I've been waiting for this easy change for years! I hate having to use two different apps for writing. I would love for Evernote to be my main writing center!
  3. I don't need those big apps to draft articles. If I could just get the simple tools of margins and disappearing toolbar, then I'd be so happy. Evernote just isn't interested in jumping in that market because that's not where the money is. Money is in business features.
  4. I know. But it's still ugly enough to not be a distraction-free workspace. There are no margins on the document, and the writing tools don't disappear when typing.
  5. Hi DTLow. The benefit in a hidden toolbar is simply that I have more screen real estate. There's not much use for the Toolbar aside from Search. As all other functions can be done with keyboard shortcuts. See attached images to compare.
  6. I really enjoy the look of Evernote with the toolbar hidden. However, I've found the toolbar to be the only way to search through my notes. Is there another way for me to search while keeping the toobar hidden? Thank you!
  7. It sure is a good start! But no, it's definitely not a perfect writing environment. I'm going to guess that you don't use Evernote primarily for writing long articles/books/etc? What other things like tasks and clippings do you use for Evernote?
  8. I've been waiting for Evernote to add this feature for years. This is what I would love: 1. A button within the note that enables full-screen mode. This mode removes EVERYTHING except the words. Moving your mouse will make editing tools visible. 2. Full-Screen Mode also has margin and line-height functionality. That's it! Please Evernote! Please make this change to our desktop app!
  9. Evernote is more focused on competing with Slack as that is where the money is at.
  10. Again, Evernote began as a notetaking app. That's how it was when I began with it years ago. I hope everyone can agree that it looks and feels bloated with all the features. It used to be simple. Now it's not simple anymore. If a UI isn't usable, then the attention to simplicity doesn't matter. I hope you don't actually think I want to sacrifice usability just for prettiness, did you? Both are completely possible.
  11. My biggest problem with Evernote for years has been that it just looks ugly. The reason is I can not format notes how I'd like. I would like the capability to: Add universal margins to notes in settings. Change universal line height to all notes in settings. Add Headline functionality and formatting to notes. Making things bold to define a headline is ugly. I'd like headlines to have different font sizes and line height. Create a non-distraction environment for when I am writing. In other words, remove the top bar that tells Notebook, Tags, Dates, etc. if I want to format the note, it can show up if I hover my mouse over a certain area of the note. PLEASE take a tip from the Bear app at bear-writer.com. They are doing formatting and clean writing environment wonderfully. It's simply beautiful over there. The problem is they don't have the power to share notebooks with other people--so I stay with Evernote. Please Evernote focus more on what you are known for: NOTES. Please stop creating new features and products--there's enough! You're getting away from what you started this company for--to have a great notetaking environment! It's beginning to get bloated and ugly compared to the way newer note-taking/writing apps are innovating. I'd love to stay with Evernote forever, but it's just not pleasing to my eyes! For context, attached is a side-by-side screenshot of an identical Evernote note and a Bear note.
  12. I'd like to get a notification on my phone as well as on my computer whenever someone else adds or modifies a note within one of my shared notebooks. I have clients with whom I work and they are updating things in Evernote and I never know until our scheduled sessions together. I'd like to get notifications as soon as they do something while I'm not using the app.
  13. Can a developer please explain why this feature was removed? I used to be able to move note windows onto the desktop while Evernote was fullscreen. Now this is not possible. PLEASE bring this back.
  14. That's really about it. You guys have been a company for years now. Can you fix this one huge issue instead of continually adding new features? Anthony
  15. Compare the two images. Some Features Custom line spacing, Custom background color, Cursor and UI tint, App screen brightness control, True full-screen mode (no status bar), Margins ALSO, GO HERE>> http://www.iawriter.com/writer-for-mac-guide.html
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