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Full Web Clipper for iOS / iPadOS - could it be this simple?

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I'd love to have the desktop web clipper available on iOS/iPadOS. Currently I clip things using the Share Sheet option, which is equivalent to doing a "Full Page" capture on desktop. I usually end up recapturing the page when I'm back on my desktop to make a better job of it.

I looked into this and found the following Apple Developer document https://developer.apple.com/safari/extensions/



Upgrading macOS Safari web extensions to support  iOS and iPadOS

It's easy to upgrade an existing macOS Safari web extension to also support iOS and iPadOS. Simply rerun your project through the command-line web extension converter tool with the --rebuild-project option. This will create a new Xcode project based on your existing project that includes extensions for these platforms.


Surely it couldn't be that simple? I'd have a go if I had access to the source code. It would be amazing to do a Simplified Article or Bookmark capture directly from Safari on mobile.

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@PinkElephant I know most Safari Extensions are content blockers or dark mode doodads, but 1Password, Good Links and Raindrop all have pretty good Extensions. I wonder whether it's more market forces than technical reasons that more aren't available.

As a developer, I like to spend a little time figuring these things out and see what's feasible before ruling things out. Thought it might be worth throwing on here in case someone more in the know about the Web Clipper codebase saw the post.

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