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  1. Same here ! I've been waiting for the ⌘ + J (Jump) to be re-implemented for months now!!
  2. Hello gazumped. I forgot to tell that I'm not using a mouse, but the trackpad. Nothing happens when I try ALT + Doubleclick, but when I do CONTROL + click on the link, then I can select "open note in a new window".
  3. It frustrates me there is no option under settings to select "Open note in new window". I'd prefer that every time I click on an internal Evernote-link, then a new window, containing that note, would pop up (which I then could shut down fast and easily with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + W when I'm done with the note). Any suggestions for a work-around? PS: I'm aware that I can mouse-right-click on a link and select "open note in a new window", but that is too annoying and time consuming and totally destroys my workflow.
  4. This request has been made many times before and I told myself: the fact this on-going request since the early beginning hasn't yet been implemented must have to do with a technical issue. However, after I realized that adding new or already existing tags to a Quick Note in the Drafts App was a piece of cake (see attached screenshot), then I wonder once again: why hasn't this much needed feature been implemented in Evernote by now? Make it a premium feature so new users on the free version have an extra incentive to upgrade. Thanks ! 😀
  5. Any update on this matter? Now it's 2018 and still you can't (on a Mac) set a separate sorting preferences per notebook!? Evernote, please fix this glitch!
  6. Evernote!! Don't treat your paying customers like garbage. Remove this totally workflow-destroying message ASAP!
  7. Agree! I'm also a Premium-member and I find it frustrating that I can't attach some of my PDFs in an Evernote-note as a result of the low 200-MB note size. Please fix this!
  8. Actually, I would suggest that the Evernote Team just implemented a solution so one could right-click on the notebook and then select "exclude content from search". See, that would be great!
  9. As a long-time EN Premium User (who exclusively have been using the Mac application) I love the option "filter by tags" that you can use in every notebook. But now I've just realized that when I share a notebook and then open it in a browser then you can't use the option "filter by tags" which I find extremely annoying and unproductive. Because now I can't recommend Evernote for my company (where I work as an an archivist) since the whole idea was that I could enter thousands of sources and then the staff at my firm would be able to find what they're looking for through the "filter by tags" option (where you either scroll down for the right tags or search for the tags you're looking for). How come this vital option isn't possible in the web version of Evernote? Or did I overlook something? ?
  10. This gotta be some kind of a bug in Evernote's system? I mean: why on Earth should the tab be named after the notebook and not the note!? Right now the tab system is pretty much useless cos when I have several notes open from the same notebook I spent too much time going from tab to tab in order to find the note I was looking for. Evernote Team, please fix this bug ASAP!!
  11. That's very nice, yes – thank you Kavin. But what about when you want to insert a new row above (not below)? Is there also a keyboard shortcut for that?
  12. + 1: We really need a "negate a notebook in search" feature. For instance, I keep a daily logbook in a notebook and I don't want to include the information in this notebook in my general search. It should be quite easy to implement like that one should be able to right-click on a notebook and then add the feature "negate this notebook from the search engine".
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