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  1. Hello gazumped. I forgot to tell that I'm not using a mouse, but the trackpad. Nothing happens when I try ALT + Doubleclick, but when I do CONTROL + click on the link, then I can select "open note in a new window".
  2. It frustrates me there is no option under settings to select "Open note in new window". I'd prefer that every time I click on an internal Evernote-link, then a new window, containing that note, would pop up (which I then could shut down fast and easily with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + W when I'm done with the note). Any suggestions for a work-around? PS: I'm aware that I can mouse-right-click on a link and select "open note in a new window", but that is too annoying and time consuming and totally destroys my workflow.
  3. This request has been made many times before and I told myself: the fact this on-going request since the early beginning hasn't yet been implemented must have to do with a technical issue. However, after I realized that adding new or already existing tags to a Quick Note in the Drafts App was a piece of cake (see attached screenshot), then I wonder once again: why hasn't this much needed feature been implemented in Evernote by now? Make it a premium feature so new users on the free version have an extra incentive to upgrade. Thanks ! 😀
  4. Any update on this matter? Now it's 2018 and still you can't (on a Mac) set a separate sorting preferences per notebook!? Evernote, please fix this glitch!
  5. Evernote!! Don't treat your paying customers like garbage. Remove this totally workflow-destroying message ASAP!
  6. Agree! I'm also a Premium-member and I find it frustrating that I can't attach some of my PDFs in an Evernote-note as a result of the low 200-MB note size. Please fix this!
  7. Actually, I would suggest that the Evernote Team just implemented a solution so one could right-click on the notebook and then select "exclude content from search". See, that would be great!
  8. As a long-time EN Premium User (who exclusively have been using the Mac application) I love the option "filter by tags" that you can use in every notebook. But now I've just realized that when I share a notebook and then open it in a browser then you can't use the option "filter by tags" which I find extremely annoying and unproductive. Because now I can't recommend Evernote for my company (where I work as an an archivist) since the whole idea was that I could enter thousands of sources and then the staff at my firm would be able to find what they're looking for through the "filter by tags" o
  9. This gotta be some kind of a bug in Evernote's system? I mean: why on Earth should the tab be named after the notebook and not the note!? Right now the tab system is pretty much useless cos when I have several notes open from the same notebook I spent too much time going from tab to tab in order to find the note I was looking for. Evernote Team, please fix this bug ASAP!!
  10. That's very nice, yes – thank you Kavin. But what about when you want to insert a new row above (not below)? Is there also a keyboard shortcut for that?
  11. + 1: We really need a "negate a notebook in search" feature. For instance, I keep a daily logbook in a notebook and I don't want to include the information in this notebook in my general search. It should be quite easy to implement like that one should be able to right-click on a notebook and then add the feature "negate this notebook from the search engine".
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