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  1. I'm surprised this topic didn't get more traction, it seems blindingly obvious that it needs implementing, I wonder if there is a way that everyone else is using that I don't know about?!? Or maybe people just don't use the feature other than us? Shame if that's the case cos it is so handy, tho let down by having to use a lame workaround with it. I assume that if Evernote don't get many people requesting this feature to be fixed then it will never make it onto their backlog of items to do, which I'm sure, coming from a similar environment, is long and ever increasing. Still, we can live in hope...
  2. I'm not saying it's a huge drain, but anything that is running uses resources. Anyway, it's not really the point. Quick Note is included as part of the application, and as such is expected to be used, so I'm referring to how that needs attention from the dev's to make it work properly. Do you know if anyone from Evernote dev team ever chime in on this forum?
  3. Cheers for the suggestion JMichael, appreciate your advice Unfortunately the 'New Note Window' shortcut doesn't help me as it needs the Evernote application to be open in order to work (and opens it if it's closed). The point of Quick Note is that you don't need Evernote open to use it, which is ideal when you need all of your Macs memory and resources for much of the work you do. Quick Note is also instant, no waiting for Evernote to open first. And Quick Note is more efficient when collecting info from more than one resource into one note, I just drag and drop each bit of content onto the elephant icon in the menu bar and it adds it to the note, then click (of hit command+return) to save the entire thing, done. It's quicker than bringing up the Evernote note window each time. As you can tell, I'm loving Quick Note, it's exactly what I need, but this lack of tagging and notebook selection is a pain and illogical.
  4. I use the Quick Note feature in the menubar all of the time, why can't I add Tags to the notes that I create? or choose the relevant Notebook? It's part of the web clipper, why is it not part of this feature? Is it because of some technical limitation? Otherwise this a really obvious omission, that hasn't been addressed for a long time, especially as Evernote is fundamentally built around tagging and notebooks! I hope it can be implemented, as without it I'm having to use this annoying, inelegant, 2 step workaround: 1) Start every Quick Note with "TAG TAG TAG TAG!!" as the first line, so it stands out to be processed during those times when I actually do need to fire up the full Evernote app (I know I can search for notes without tags, but I have to remember to do that, rather than be reminded by something that immediately stands out from the rest of my notes). 2) Process the notes by deleting the "TAG TAG..." line, cutting and pasting the title from the note into the title field, adding tags, and changing the notebook if ness. Then repeat! This all becomes pretty laborious over time. Please, Evernote Team, find a way to add the following: The same syntax that we use when sending notes by email into Evernote (#tag @notebook) Or Dedicated fields, with keyboard shortcut (control-tab?) to navigate to them Or Both options (preferred) You have produced a vital and fantastic piece of software that is a central part of my digital world (and I'm not blowing smoke here, I seriously love it, well done), and I want to be clear that I realise I'm focussing on one small issue with what is otherwise a very complete and well thought out product and service! However, the issue is important and annoyingly lacking.
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