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  1. For anyone who is still having this problem (like I was) I did find a nice workaround for the current state of Evernote. Whenever I have a note that is about to go over the limit, I simply create a new note, and then paste a link to the new note (didn't know this was a feature until after my original post) at the end of the old one, and a link to the old one at the beginning of the new note. It's not the greatest solution, but it does at least give a little continuity between the two separate notes, and if I come to the end of one I don't have to go searching for the other one, I can just click on the link and it takes me to it.
  2. Thanks! I'm actually using it as a lab notebook, so I think we may run into the same problems. But yeah, if I ever have files larger than 200 MB I'll link locally, but for now I figured out you can link from one note to another. So, basically I just continue one experiment to a new note and link the two together.
  3. Have been using premium for a few months now, and have just come up to the issue of size limits for notes– 200 MB for premium users. This seems on the low side to me, as we are allowed to upload up to 10 GB/month, and some notes will obviously be edited over more than one month. Especially with attachments such as pictures, wouldn't it be better if the size limit were increased? I think at least 500 MB, but ideally 1 GB, would be great. I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anyone asking the same question– does anyone out there feel the same way about this?
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