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Cannot open local file link

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Hi everyone - I'm hoping someone can assist with this.

I'm no longer able to open a local link in Evernote. At one time I could drag an email from Apple mail into evernote and create a link, which evernote would later open when clicked.

Likewise evernote won't open an external link from hookmark. It will sometimes open a local file with the format file://pathname, but not always.

I'm running Evernote 10.76.2 on a MacBook Pro 16Gb memory, Sonoma 14.3.1 (recently updated to this machine).

I've checked everyone in the Mac settings that I can find that would hinder evernote access.

Any suggestions?

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Hmmn.  We now have 10.77.3 so a download from Evernote.com may help...  but my system is still opening local links without any issues.  Maybe a restart or an uninstall with Appcleaner and reinstall?

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I downloaded the latest version. Interestingly when on the previous version I pulled down 'check for updates' I received the message that Evernote was up to date, even though I was running 10.76.2 and the just-downloaded version is 10.77.3,

Only local files open. Like Dave Green, no other external links will open, even though I have older notes with links that used to work; now they don't.

Evernote - help?

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Would that I could create a support ticket. On the Evernote help page 'contact us' the only areas that seem to be available for request are Account and Billing, Account Management, or Subscription/Billing issues.

I really like Evernote but starting to get concerned about the direction forward. Seems like features that once worked no longer do so.

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 16.07.17.jpg

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5 hours ago, engr79 said:

the only areas that seem to be available for request are Account and Billing,

Use that if it's all that is available - the list should scroll further,  but if that's all  you get...

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I also reported this bug, but got no acknowledgement what so ever from Evernote. I can't use Evernote without my outgoing application links to Outlook, Apple Notes, Things 3, and so on. Right now I'm paying over 100 dollars a year for a useless product. 

2024 really started well. First they decided to take Evernote Legacy away from me (which worked perfectly for my workflow) and forced me to use Evernote 10 (despite its lack of core features from Evernote Legacy) and now after a few days of using Evernote 10, they also make that very version totally useless to me. 

Best regards, 

A soon-to-be former Premium user of Evernote

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