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  1. I came here to find this exact same answer. The new desktop app is half-baked web wrapper B$. horrible performance and bad hotkeys. total waste of development time imo. it's like i'm fighting against evernote to take a note. IT WAS NEVER like that before. 💯💯💯💯
  2. GLHF and Happy New Year from USA!

  3. The FactMan! What a great name.. love it! Fact is, Evernote doesn't care until a large chunk of the (paying) user base complains. Whatever... that's logical and understandable (psych). Until that happens, and it won't anytime soon... dump Evernote and try some alternatives. Man, I can't believe people are still complaining about this. https://alternativeto.net/software/evernote/ It's true, OneNote is a solid alternative. Also, I don't use Simplenote, but I recommend you try that. Consider WorkFlowy, Typora / ghostwriter and blogging on WP. Just ask yourself, are y
  4. Still happens, and one thing I tried, that seems like may have helped reduced stutter, is adding firewall rule to portable app. By blocking Evernote from updating to the internet... it seems like problem is removed. Snag Firewall App Blocker Add evernote process' and to block Restart PC / Evernote and make new note I've not tested this too much, but at first glance it works well. I don't use Evernote as much anymore. Maybe I'll start again...
  5. Doesn't matter what the support issue ticket number is, the problem will not get resolved. Don't take this negativity to seriously, it's just a problem with Evernote. Why would someone need to open a ticket to fix this problem when the problem shouldn't exist?
  6. Great ideas from @gazumped - formatting your PC, and using Revo is a great suggestion but that does not work.. sadly. Your state of the art desktop PC isn't the problem @ybp9003, it's the Evernote code. Sooner or later Evernote will fix it. I too was a paying customer and the stutter lag happens every 5 - 10 seconds sometimes... and other times every 30. --- I tested and downloaded previous Evernote version to see if issue disappeared. Issue is resolved... but only on 3 year old, half-sized, Evernote 5 version.Did you know the newer version of Evernote is double the size? Crazy.
  7. No luck @Austin G - keep the ideas coming and I'll keep on testing ^ _ ^ GLHF and enjoy your days to come. p.s. - I was fortunate enough to try premium status for 30 days because I referred a buddy but even with the upgraded account, I had no luck, lag was still living.
  8. I'll keep you posted - downloading update right now. Alright so I just updated, but didn't restart my machine... I still experience the lag delay. Maybe it'll get fixed after restart, but I don't think so. Here is the version I'm using now: Here is the lag spike test in action, you'll notice it starts after "...I like to use"
  9. I wish you the best of luck finding an alternative. This problem will likely not get solved anytime, and since I'm not a paying customer, I don't expect it to. » http://alternativeto.net/software/evernote/
  10. thanks for the tips and tricks and hello from Philadelphia, USA!

    1. CalS


      You are welcome.

  11. thanks for the tips and tricks and hello from Philadelphia, USA!

    1. gazumped


      Hi from Wales!

  12. Check the attached GIF to see what I'm experiencing. The second line, you'll see a mini 2 second (ish) pause. That happens every so random, at what feels to be every 30 seconds or so. --- No luck with your recommendations @gazumped - everything works as desired. Support should be paying you since you do a better job. ^ _ ^ That's a smart thought @csihilling - I'm using a wired $5 keyboard and mouse, but the problem you are describing is pretty much exactly what I have. It's a random 30 second interval 2 to 4 second surge of lag when typing.
  13. When I type, I get a putt putt and stutter for no reason. Please help me fix the lag delay, it's just an uncomfortable experience. Windows 7 Desktop Client Latest version of Evernote Trash is empty Restarted machine after reinstaling Logged out of client and back in (but I didn't restart in between) Plenty of free space available on the SSD (60.8 MB Fixed 16.1 GB free) Evernote Debug was not helpful either Options appear to be configured correctly, doesn't look like a sync issue I tried to optimize database Help > Optimize (after
  14. How do I copy / paste symbols (or emojis) from email subject line into Evernote Note? This is the specific subject line from a recent email I want to copy / paste into Evernote: After I high and copy to clipboard, I try CTRL + Shift + V and CTRL + V but nothing works.. Just look what happens... It's weird too because I've tried changing font family but nothing works. I always get the square box. It works in Notepad! It even works inside this Forum post! ? Notifying users on multiple channels just got easier
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