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  1. Hey all, it sounds like you've encountered a new issue we've identified. There's more information here:
  2. Hello, I paid for Plus account but it's not working at all. Please contact me.

  3. Hey folks! We still don't have a default option for font size on iOS, but our latest release has the ability to adjust size and color! Read more about the what's new in Evernote 8.0 here!
  4. Hey all, good news! This was added in the latest update to Evernote for iOS! Read more about what's new in Evernote 8.0 here!
  5. Hi @PocketGoddess ! In our latest update we have implemented a function that sounds in line with what you've described you'd like to see. From the "All Notes" screen, we now have an option at the top for tags. This way you can quickly access your tag list! You can read about more of the new features in Evernote 8.0 here
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