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  1. paypal PayPal No Longer Available

    Hi @paqpaq PayPal is available for use in Germany, however, as Amanda H. touched on earlier in this thread, you must be on a Basic subscription to see the option for PayPal at checkout. Currently I am showing you're on a Premium subscription so you will need to first cancel and allow your account to return to Basic before the option for PayPal will be visible. No data will be lost in this process. For a list of Countries where PayPal is not accepted see this list: Prohibited Countries
  2. Other No credit card

    Hi @Polarizing I just wanted to check in and be sure I touched on your payment options within Evernote to provide a bit more detail around the issue with the promotional offer you received. Evernote does accept iDEAL and PayPal payments directly through our website, but due to the nature of how the processors interact with our system on the backend, we can only facilitate payments using these processors when upgrading your account from Basic and for the full price. Payment processors we partner with have their own guidelines for setting and updating subscription rates which we abide by. Discounts you receive from Evernote are intended to be redeemed through our direct payment option (credit card) only. For this same reason, iTunes and Google Play will not accept discounts offered by Evernote, because our system is where we have the capability to make that offer. However, because iDEAL and PayPal are accepted through our website, we have a small amount of flexibility and try to offer solutions whenever possible. I've generated a ticket for you to reach out by email to discuss your account more specifically to determine our options there. While I understand this is not ideal (pun not intended but I'll take it in hopes of lightening the tone of the situation), this is a limitation we have at the moment and I cannot say that it will change in the future. We have several payment processors as options to allow our users to upgrade if they wish so they may find a method that works for them. Promotional offers are not guaranteed and will have eligibility requirements and restrictions, such as, the payment must be made through Evernote directly using a credit card payment. As my colleague mentioned, there are other ways to earn free time with Evernote Premium that do not require a purchase, like referrals. Please feel free to reply back to me directly if there's any other questions you have or feedback I can pass along to the appropriate team. We truly do appreciate your attention on this and I hope in the future we will have more opportunity to reward your loyalty as an Evernote user.
  3. itunes Merge accounts

    Hi @Marianne Brown! If you are maintaining two separate Evernote accounts and you'd like to combine them into a single account, you're going to need to take all of the notes from one account and merge them into the other account. Essentially, you're going to use the desktop application of Evernote to export your notes under your me.com account and import them to your icon account. You can later swap the email addresses between the two accounts if you need as well. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this process, or if there's anything else I can help you out with.
  4. Hi @sekaye I've grabbed your ticket, please keep an eye out for an email from me. It looks like you may have purchased the subscription under a second Evernote account tied to your student email. I've adjusted my response and emailed you next steps. I look forward to hearing back! Hi @mrtn@orkz.net we do not currently have a way that iTunes subscriptions can move from Plus to Premium solely through iTunes. I've picked up your ticket to discuss how we can resolve this and proceed with getting you on your Premium subscription. Thanks to everyone for updating your posts, glad to hear things are getting resolved for you! Please excuse the delays, our CS team is experiencing a bit of a backup and we're working hard to try and get to everyone ASAP!
  5. itunes Evernote cancelling subscription that is PAID

    Hi @bosgio I do apologize we have not gotten to your request sooner. We're experiencing a very high volume of requests at the moment and we're working hard to get to everyone as soon as possible. I've replied to your ticket, please reach back out there by email if you need further assistance. Hi @timvananderlecht I do see that another agent is working with you in your ticket to get everything sorted out. Please keep in touch with them by email to continue working through this issue. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  6. promotion Student Discount

    Hi @vitulo To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in a college or university and have a valid, eligible email address from this list. To make it easier to find your domain, use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to do a quick search. We do not have an alternate way to determine eligibility at this time. If you’d like to submit an email domain for review, please fill out this survey
  7. Hi @evernotedvc! Apologies for the delay, we're a bit backed up on our support team. I've opened a ticket for you to look into this further. Please be on the lookout for an email from me. @advorkin If you're still having the same issue, please reply back to me and I can further assist. However, it does look like you were eventually able to get the offer to work. I am sorry I was not able to reach out sooner.
  8. Hey all, just a quick reminder. The student offer does not need to be applied to an account with your student email, but you do need to have access to the approved student email to complete the steps to redeem it. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. Impossible to upgrade to plus

    Hi @Giovanna2210 Hmm, that does not sound quite right. The iTunes App Store does have guidelines for setting and updating subscription rates. This means there may be small discrepancies between pricing in the app stores and on evernote.com. However, we believe this may be related to the issue and are currently working with Apple to correct. I've opened up a support request to gather some more information from you. Please be on the lookout for an email from me, I appreciate all your assistance on this so we can get it resolved!
  10. Hi @rs4runner! Thanks for reporting this, we have our team actively looking into this now. For now, I've generated a support request on your behalf to look into our options at this time. Please keep an eye out for an email from me.
  11. Impossible to upgrade to plus

    Hi @Giovanna2210 Thanks for reporting this. We've been working with Apple to get this issue corrected. Can you try giving it another try? If the issue continues, please at reply me so I can further assist you.
  12. Other No discount with ideal

    Hi @daantrommel ! Thanks for opening up a ticket, I'm going to grab it and reply back to you to see what options we might have for this. Please be on the lookout for my response by email.
  13. Hi @Paa123 and @mohamed aion ! Thanks so much for reporting this issue. This is something our team has recently been alerted to and it appears to be something on Apple's end. We believe they may have fixed the issue, so please give it another shot. Please at reply me back so I can be alerted if the issue continues.
  14. Hi @Ishmael39! Currently there's not a way for us to facilitate payment through iDEAL or PayPal when you're looking to redeem a promotion. Since you're not able to dismiss the offer so you can checkout, I'd like to take a closer look. I've opened a support request on your behalf. Please be on the lookout for an email from me. Thanks!
  15. itunes Cannot cancel iTunes subscription

    Hi all! I just wanted to echo some of what was said here. Evernote cannot change or cancel any iTunes subscriptions. If your subscription was cancelled without your knowledge, you will need to get in touch with iTunes support for further information why. Typically, if a payment is refused by iTunes, the subscription will cancel and you will need to wait for your account to return to Basic before you can resubscribe through iTunes. Resubscribing through Evernote at that point would be an option that may be quicker given the grace period that occurs after an iTunes subscription is cancelled.