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  1. And I tested on Evernote Web. The "new" Web product shows single shared notes in the All Notes display. Those shared notes cannot be deleted. The MOVE TO, DUPLICATE, and DELETE NOTE commands are all dimmed. I use the All Notes view a lot. So, again, my worry is that if a lot of shared notes are sent to me my All Notes display will be noisy.
  2. Sorry, forgot to relay the Evernote deets: Evernote 6.17 (updated last week) Windows 10
  3. I recently started using the sharing features in Evernote and overall I like that I see. However, if another user shares a note with me and it is not relevant or current, I don't see any way that I, on the recipient end, can get rid of it. To be clear, I'm not talking about a shared notebook. I know I can delete that. I'm talking about single shared notes. In the Windows desktop client, they are listed in my All Notes. I could see if this was poorly handled that my All Notes could get overwhelmed with other people's stuff. So am I missing something? When I right-click a shared note in the the notes list, there's no MOVE NOTE TO TRASH command. My DELETE key does nothing. It seems that currently the only way to have it not show in my All Notes is to get the owner to unshare the note. Thanks in advance. regards, Blake Evernote fan Plus level advanced user
  4. gazumped, I found a solution after reviewing the things you shared. Launched RegEdit. Went to key location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote Found key: ShowNewNoteInANewWindow It was on as indicated by the binary value 1. I set it to zero. I'm a happy camper. I still don't have visible options in the Tools Options dialog but it looks like I can change things as needed with the registry editor. regards, Blake
  5. Hello, I have an old Windows XP computer with Evernote (version In general EN works on this machine which I take just about everywhere. And EN works well enough that I don't need to change it per se. However, the app currently is configured to create new notes in a separate window and I don't prefer this setting. On my other computers, I have turned off this setting. So here's the interesting bit. When I show the Tools Options dialog box, most of the options are not displayed! The dialog is mostly blank. I've attached the screen grab from the EN WinXP app which has the purple title bar. You can see the section headings in light grey bars are shown. But most of the options are missing and therefore not selectable. For reference, I attached the Options dialog from Windows 10 with the dark grey title bar. I have tried various things on the old computer including changing the Windows Control Panel desktop themes and font size. I have reinstalled EN. I have deinstalled and reinstalled EN. I deinstalled, deleted old items, reinstalled. No luck. Question 1: Is there some way to correct this? What is "blocking" or preventing the display of the dialog box items? Question 2: Is there another way to change the particular option? Can I change the CREATE NEW NOTE IN A NEW WINDOW setting behind the scenes, i.e. a Windows registry setting? Thanks for your time, Blake
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