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  1. Response from support ticket (i'm a premium subscriber): Alexander (Evernote Help and Learning) Jul 16, 17:58 PDT Hi Tom, Thanks for reaching out to Evernote. My name is Alexander, and I’m here to talk about your inquiry regarding an inability to delete a note that was shared with you. We've received other reports of this and this issue has already been reported to our development team for resolution. As a workaround for the time being, I can provide the download for the previous version of the Window's app so you can remove the notebook. Here is the download link for version 6.4.2. We currently don't have an firm date for when the fix will be released. Thank you for your patience while we work through this. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach back out to me. All my best, Alexander
  2. Hi there, I have many notes that people have shared with me; how on earth do I delete them? (not notes i have shared with others). Normally, i'd just open up the windows version, select the note and press 'delete'...the note would then be moved to the trash. I can't even drag and drop the shared note to the evernote's trash bin as it has that circle with a line through it. I can delete my own notes, so obviously the issue is because it's a shared note, but I can't see any way to 'leave' the note to combat this, and I can't modify who can access the note as I didn't share it! I can access using android, windows and/or the website. Please someone help! Kind regards, Tom.
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