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  1. Response from support ticket (i'm a premium subscriber): Alexander (Evernote Help and Learning) Jul 16, 17:58 PDT Hi Tom, Thanks for reaching out to Evernote. My name is Alexander, and I’m here to talk about your inquiry regarding an inability to delete a note that was shared with you. We've received other reports of this and this issue has already been reported to our development team for resolution. As a workaround for the time being, I can provide the download for the previous version of the Window's app so you can remove the notebook. Here is the d
  2. Hi there, I have many notes that people have shared with me; how on earth do I delete them? (not notes i have shared with others). Normally, i'd just open up the windows version, select the note and press 'delete'...the note would then be moved to the trash. I can't even drag and drop the shared note to the evernote's trash bin as it has that circle with a line through it. I can delete my own notes, so obviously the issue is because it's a shared note, but I can't see any way to 'leave' the note to combat this, and I can't modify who can access the note as I didn't share it! I
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