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  1. Hi. I like the reverse date order for notes, right? That's the default. In the past, in Windows client, I could change the Updated Date on a note. I didn't do this often but it was helpful from an organisational point of view. Use case... Old note, say from last month, with a simple typographical error. Spelled a person's wrong, for example. I would fix the typo. The note was bubble to the top of the list and show as modified 1 minute ago. Then I would change the Updated Date to make it go back into the previous month. I did this because it was, in my view, an insignificant update, an error in the note. Not a change in the content, arguably. Under normal circumstances, when I add new stuff, new text, images, etc., or delete in a note, sure, I let it do it's thing. Curiously, in my 10.17.6 for Windows, I can change the Create date but not the Updated date... cheers, Blake
  2. My task bar issue aside, Sawyer's most recent instructions work. I hacked my BATch file in a number of ways but I know DOS. 😉 My notes have a medium grey background. My notes list shows with a grey background. I include my working code only as an example. YMMV. c:\sysutil\sfk176 rep Evernote.exe -text -case /#F8F8F8/#bbbbbb/ -yes I made the divider line between the notes (nearly) black. Again, take this with a grain of salt... c:\sysutil\sfk176 rep Evernote.exe -text -case /#E6E6E6/#333333/ -yes I don't really care but when I hover on a note to select it, it goes dark grey. The text within is barely visible. And the currently active note in the list is white. Again, I don't really care. With the so called "dark theme" for the navigation folder area and my grey list and grey notes, now 80 to 85% of the screen is NOT eye-melting eye. Mr Sawyer's update is a big step forward. Blake
  3. @RavBoy Try without the space character after the colon in the search and then the replace content.
  4. I'm very confused. I know this is not strictly a colour/appearance issue but I can't seem to figure out what's up with my Evernote software. Windows 10, 32-bit. I regularly work in the "client application" and all seems business as usual. When starting my computer, I click the pinned icon button in taskbar and the application starts. If I check the version of this, it reports (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62-6-10954). And the colour changes I have been trying are not working here. That was throwing me. I was modified my EVERNOTE.EXE file in the default location and SFK was giving good feedback but I wasn't seeing the changes. On a whim, I launched EVERNOTE.EXE from the default application folder and discovered the version it reports is (308538) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3-7750). And the colour changes by the EN-COLOR.BAT are working. I used some crazy colours to verify it. So I thought, oh, seems I have two application folders and the pinned button on the taskbar is launching a different one. So I conducted system-wide search and I only find one, a single instance of EVERNOTE.EXE. Then I start digging into the "source" of the app icon in the taskbar. In the old days of Windows, they were shortcuts so you'd simply follow the breadcrumbs to the original application folder to find the program. I guess I haven't been paying attention because taskbar icons are a different beast. That got me thinking that there's something going on with a Win 10 "app" vs a full Windows "application." I dove into the control panel settings, Apps & Features, found Evernote. The version is noted as 6.25.9091.0. That just doesn't seem to make any sense. Am I running an "app" or the "application?" I though those Win10 apps were scaled down, with a dramatically different interface, mimicking a phone. I just looked at the list of apps in the Settings. I see Evernote, installed 3/7/2020, no version, no size, square white background; and Evernote v. 6.19.1 at 313 MB from 24/6/2019, square grey background. It DOES look like I have two "products" installed... Weird. Anyway, my simple question right now is, where the heck is the software? blake
  5. Update to the update! It does work. Note list and note colour is changing. Well done! I'm sorting out a different issue which at first blush looks like I have Evernote installed in different places...?!?! Blake
  6. Update as of Thursday. I'm trying your batch process. It's finding the parts and changing them but I'm not seeing colour changes in the app. I'm probably doing something stoopid. I've done this before, a few times, successfully. In fact, I took the colours from an older copy of my BAT file. I'll keep trying... Blake
  7. And I tested on Evernote Web. The "new" Web product shows single shared notes in the All Notes display. Those shared notes cannot be deleted. The MOVE TO, DUPLICATE, and DELETE NOTE commands are all dimmed. I use the All Notes view a lot. So, again, my worry is that if a lot of shared notes are sent to me my All Notes display will be noisy.
  8. Sorry, forgot to relay the Evernote deets: Evernote 6.17 (updated last week) Windows 10
  9. I recently started using the sharing features in Evernote and overall I like that I see. However, if another user shares a note with me and it is not relevant or current, I don't see any way that I, on the recipient end, can get rid of it. To be clear, I'm not talking about a shared notebook. I know I can delete that. I'm talking about single shared notes. In the Windows desktop client, they are listed in my All Notes. I could see if this was poorly handled that my All Notes could get overwhelmed with other people's stuff. So am I missing something? When I right-click a shared note in the the notes list, there's no MOVE NOTE TO TRASH command. My DELETE key does nothing. It seems that currently the only way to have it not show in my All Notes is to get the owner to unshare the note. Thanks in advance. regards, Blake Evernote fan Plus level advanced user
  10. gazumped, I found a solution after reviewing the things you shared. Launched RegEdit. Went to key location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote Found key: ShowNewNoteInANewWindow It was on as indicated by the binary value 1. I set it to zero. I'm a happy camper. I still don't have visible options in the Tools Options dialog but it looks like I can change things as needed with the registry editor. regards, Blake
  11. Hello, I have an old Windows XP computer with Evernote (version In general EN works on this machine which I take just about everywhere. And EN works well enough that I don't need to change it per se. However, the app currently is configured to create new notes in a separate window and I don't prefer this setting. On my other computers, I have turned off this setting. So here's the interesting bit. When I show the Tools Options dialog box, most of the options are not displayed! The dialog is mostly blank. I've attached the screen grab from the EN WinXP app which has the purple title bar. You can see the section headings in light grey bars are shown. But most of the options are missing and therefore not selectable. For reference, I attached the Options dialog from Windows 10 with the dark grey title bar. I have tried various things on the old computer including changing the Windows Control Panel desktop themes and font size. I have reinstalled EN. I have deinstalled and reinstalled EN. I deinstalled, deleted old items, reinstalled. No luck. Question 1: Is there some way to correct this? What is "blocking" or preventing the display of the dialog box items? Question 2: Is there another way to change the particular option? Can I change the CREATE NEW NOTE IN A NEW WINDOW setting behind the scenes, i.e. a Windows registry setting? Thanks for your time, Blake
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