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  1. Problem and Work Around: Searching for a specific term in Notes, Using Mac High Sierra, Evernote Version 7.1.1 (456642 App Store) Editor: 45.1.5170 (bfe1ee3) Evernote instructions indicate that when searching for a term, enclosing the text within quotes will return only those notes that have that term. I followed that rule, but Evernote returned all notes that had any of the words within the term. This behavior replicated on all searches for terms that I tried. Through a lot of trial and error, I discovered the issue. I was looking for the term last day . In the search of All Notes, I typed "last day". However, only last day" showed up in the search box. The first quote was not there. And, the search returned all notes with either the word last or day. See Attached. However, if I entered last day" and then edited the search by adding the leading ", the search term then appeared as "last day" and only 6 of my notes were found, all of which contained only the term I was looking for. I found that when entering the leading ", it disappeared from the search very quickly. But if I entered the leading quote AND IMMEDIATELY the first letter of the search term, the quote stayed in place. I don't know what the glitch is, but now I know a work around that works for me.
  2. Followup on the note that was "healed". When I went back to the note and right clicked on one of the offending words it showed the red underline misspelling again.
  3. I'm having similar problems, but it's showing misspelling in one location within the note, but not others. Check out the words "Microwave" and "Install". After it flagged the words as misspelled, I tried a few iterations. This is wierd. While working on this post I went back to re-verify, tried it on another note, it repeated. See the 2nd image. Then, back to the original note and all shows OK.
  4. Same problem, EN 6.13.1 on Mac 10.11.6. For me, when it happens, if I Select Edit > Undo, I see the text "Clear Tags" beside Undo. But I can't get it to replicate just now.
  5. A format painter would be great. FYI, in the mean time, don't forget that you can paste text only from your clipboard content with keyboard shortcut. For Mac it's Command-Shift-V It appears to use the text format at the note location where the text is pasted, as I'm trying to demonstrate below. Here's 14 point Comic Sans Bold Italics And here's the paste of the above line: For Mac it's Command-Shift-V
  6. I am using Version 6.6 on Mac. Can't figure out how to nest tags in the sidebar. I can nest in Tag View with DragNDrop but it is very clumsy - there is no scrolling function so when you pick up a tag you must drop it within the screen. I didn't see a function to nest tags specifically. I started 3 months ago without any tagging plan or structure - now I have 100+ tags, for my 587 notes. 90% of my tags are linked to 3 notes or less, but on review, I find that I'm not consistent with the tags I use. So, my tags don't seem to help me much. I'm drawn to nesting tags in similar fashion to my old Windows folder days - just so I can find tags I've used for various topics. Is there a slick way to build a tag structure - something like Chrome's Bookmark Manager?
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