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  1. I'm finding the Nimbus client fine on Win10 - loads in a couple of seconds and is responsive enough to be pleasant to use. It's pretty much identical to the web client in features and performance. There's nothing wrong with Electron as a platform - like most frameworks is mainly down to how well you implement it.
  2. Me too. Picked up a good lifetime deal on AppSumo. It has pros and cons compared to EN, but the pace of development is far faster, the app is responsive and fairly stable, and it's getting the job done. The main drawback is the limited export, but sorting that is on the roadmap so I've decided to take the risk.
  3. The docs could be better organised for sure, but you can usually find what you need if you dig around. The basic search syntax is here: https://nimbusweb.me/s/share/4714782/9sfhm4v3k1aa1f9r1pxy The advanced search syntax is here: https://nimbusweb.me/s/share/4714775/hrg4wm64mwuu9461mlax
  4. There's a very attractive Lifetime Deal for Nimbus on AppSumo right now: https://appsumo.com/nimbus-note/ Presumably to tempt EN users away after this upgrade fiasco? Took a good look at it today, and there are enough advantages over Evernote that I'm making the move. In particular, you can nest folders. Note browser is excellent. Clipper is excellent. Search syntax is at least as powerful. Good note-to-note linking. You can format your editing with Markdown for rapid text entry, but get WYSIWYG viewing. Nice table feature. Nice integration with Google Calendar and lots of other apps. And it actually appears to work. Haven't got much in there yet, but plenty of reviews online to suggest it scales OK. Hard to find any major negatives in the reviews by long-term users. They say bugs get fixed promptly and they respond to feature suggestions. Stable US company. Checking the forums, they actually seem to manage upgrades without breaking everything. Biggest drawback is the limited export options, though improvements are on the roadmap. Hopefully I've found a new home.
  5. Google for "Install an older version of Evernote" and download. On Win 10 Pro Evernote didn't appear in the "Add or remove programs" list - yet another irritation. So I installed the old version over the top. My old shortcut was still launching version 10. So I deleted the shortcut and found the Legacy version in c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote Legacy\ I launched the .exe and created a new shortcut. It's working OK for now and playing nice with the clipper.
  6. Yet when I attempted to email my comments directly, they directed me to the forum. And when you do post on the forum they don't bother to react. And they even cut off the chat. This is not a healthy sign. Customer-friendly companies engage actively with customers who are making the effort to give them feedback. It very much feels like a group of developers who have lost touch with their customers and withdrawn into their bunker. I've got a nasty feeling about this and am preparing a bolt-hole. This is more than a slip-up - it's deeply incompetent. Not helped by the fact that they seem to have crippled the export feature. It's almost as though they're trying to hold our data hostage? Joplin is a VERY active open source project that's pretty usable now and can only get better. And you own your own data. Pretty sure that's where I'm headed. It's the keen users like us who helped build the company - they can't afford to lose us. OK, I'm not a paying customer right now, but I have been in the past and I would have been again. And I've evangelised their product online and off. I've used Evernote since its days on the desktop almost 20 years ago - if they haemorrhage people like me they are heading for trouble.
  7. Thanks for the tip - I wasn't seeing that menu. Looks like you have to set it up manually. You have a number of columns there that I wasn't using. HIdden features are not good features. Can't check - I've given up on this release and downgraded. The 8 second lag when I move a note from one book to another is enough to make the release unusable on its own.
  8. Yet another egregious bug in 10.1.7 - this is becoming surreal... Ok - when I right click on a Stack or Notebook in the navigation pane I'm not getting a drop down menu - nothing happens. (My mouse is working fine) So I looked in the file menu for a rename option - nothing there. So I tried F2 - the old rename shortcut. The docs say it should still work in 10+, but nothing happens. So as far as I can tell, there is literally no way to rename any item in the navigation pane. Words cannot express ... I note that when I click the Attributions item in the Help menu nothing happens. Yet another bug, but this one is rational - if I was involved in this release I would want to hide my name too. I see that your MD has been on the media spinning the outcry as conservative users who are resistant to change. All that does is fan the flames. I've been using software intensively for decades, and this is quite literally the worst release I have ever seen. That's what we are objecting too.
  9. Another very disgruntled long-time user here - I've literally been with Evernote since it was a little desktop app. This feels more like Alpha software - how it was released in this state is unfathomable. It's bad enough that I genuinely think it might kill the company unless they move really fast to fix things - this might go down in software folklore as a $billion mistake! In addition to the lack of a sync button, the missing notebook counts, the missing Preferences, the weird keyboard combination to delete a note, the missing editing shortcuts and the missing right click menu on the stacks, I'm experiencing show-stopping performance issues. I'm running on a high-powered HP workstation, but simply dragging a note from one folder to another is taking a full 8 seconds. These are quite big notebooks, but this was virtually instantaneous in the old client. I need to reorganise thousands of notes for a new project, and with this performance it's totally impractical. And another huge bug - if you multi-select a group of notes and drag them to a new folder, only the one you drag moves - the others just stay put. What kind of quality control is this?? But there's more - notes are taking forever to load, and the editor isn't keeping up with my rather average typing speed. So typing a note is a horrible experience with the cursor lagging and stuttering. In short - the whole Windows client is unusable. Maybe the performance is just a short-term server issue. But if it's a baked-in software issue, they may have made a catastrophic mistake. Like you guys I'm looking at alternatives. It's hard to trust your data to a company than can do something like this to its customers. I'm a developer, and this looks like gross incompetence. An option to add to the list of alternatives is Joplin - a fast-maturing Open Source project with 18k stars on Github and a lot of momentum behind it. It's something of an Evernote clone and can import Evernote databases. It's a bit geekier than Evernote and is based on Markdown. It's still a bit rough around the edges but think that this release of Evernote will give it a big boost as people haemorrhage away from an unusable app. But maybe Evernote will get these issues fixed - they are going to get huge pushback from their corporate customers, and while they can ignore us small folks, they can't ignore the people who keep them in business. I'm going to give them a few days, because when it was working it was still the best app in the field, despite the ugly interface. Be interesting to see if the moderator censors this, or if they have the integrity to let it stand. Companies that don't listen to their customers don't last long - never mind the 100 years they claim to be planning for. For goodness sake Evernote - get this sorted!
  10. I was upgraded to 10.1.7 today. It appears to be a disaster. 1) I have an inbox with 3000 notes I need to file. Dragging a note from the inbox browse pane to a folder takes around 8 seconds. Any other action I do during this time is ignored. Most notes are just small images or plain text. In the old client this action took a fraction of a second. 2) If I multi-select notes and try to drag them to a folder as a group, only the actual note dragged is moved - the other selected notes are ignored. In the old client, dragging a group of notes worked. 3) Everything is horribly sluggish - in the editor the cursor is lagging behind my typing (I'm only a 60 wpm typist) and selecting notes in the browser pane is also painfully slow compared to the old client. 4) All kinds of usability issues too. Why no sync button? Why do I now have to press a strange key combination to delete a note? Why no note count for folders? What happened to the Preferences? What happened to the old editing shorcuts? Why no right-click menu on the stacks to create a new folder? In short, the app is currently unusable, on the very day I was about to start using it intensively for a major project. It feels like an Alpha release - as a software developer myself I simply can't fathom how it got released in this condition. I've tried restarting the app - didn't help. With 3000 notes to file this level or performance is clearly totally impractical. Is there any hope of a fix, or do I have to abandon Evernote? Not a very hopeful start for the much-heralded new codebase! I see you've taken your chat client down, so I'm assuming you're being swamped by complaints. And you deserve it - you've let your customers down badly. I've been using Evernote since the days it was a little desktop app and have evangelised it to literally dozens of my clients - but you may well have lost me with this release - it's a disaster. I'm running the Windows client on the latest version of Win 10 Pro on a high-end HP workstation, so lack of resources is not the issue.
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