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  1. I can annotate images just fine and afterwards I can clean the annotation again. Before: do annotation: after annotation: Now let's try to undo the annotation. context menu --> annotate this image --> clear annotations and afterwards it looks like that: That is what you need, right? PDFs do not resize properly between machines. True. In fact it cannot even be done on WinMachine, guess it is not a real feature.
  2. Hi, do you have a screenshot to make this understandable? Why would you resize a pdf to fit the device? That should not be necessary.
  3. Hi, my evernote is jumping when showing one-pages pdf files. On the other hand longer pdf are stable. When it jumps it uses lots of CPU. Any idea how to fix this? Check video about 8 seconds in. regards, Dietrich
  4. Hi, that did the trick for me. Fixed my search after installing 7.1. BUT, why are you hiding the option to re-index with a special key?
  5. Hi Nico, I tried. It works as expected. Thank you for checking. Regards Dietrich
  6. That is so not cool at all. Sorry but this is very frustrating. I was really looking forward to this release. After all we started the discussion back in 2017, when the issue was introduced. I'm sorry to say this, but the confidence I have in Evernote app development just sunk dramatically. I mean back in February we were wondering if you would ever tackle the issue, then you told us it would be in v7.1 in April, I wondered back then, why it would take so long, but assumed all would be fine. You said "the fix is in v7.1"; that does not leave much room for uncertainty. The fix is in v7.1! It's not in v7.1 maybe, or under certain conditions... No, "the fix is in v7.1". May I ask what went wrong? However, more important for me (and I assume for everybody else who is affected) is, when do you expect to have a fix available? Will there even be a fix at all? Because, if you tell me now, there is no chance this will get fixed, I can update from v6.11 to v7.1, come up with another process to get my work done, and finally get over it. Any chance you can have it fixed in the next minor update? regards Dietrich
  7. Why is there no fix for the issue with Evernote Clipper for Mac? My understanding from Evernote staff's post was that a fix should have been delivered in v7.1? When can we expect this fix to be released?
  8. Hi @nicolml, I just checked the release notes of V7.1 but was unable to find a fix for the issue. Did I miss something or is the fix not in the version? PLEASE, when will you fix this?!?
  9. @nicolml, that is good news. Can you specify which release "an upcoming software update" will be? Is it the next one or some future release? I am asking because I am stuck at v6.11 of Evernote Mac (it'S the last version without the issue) while v7.0 is available already. So far I could not find the issue being fixed on the release notes of any recent update. regards
  10. Hi all, just linking the feedback from one Evernote Employee: It would be good to know, when Evernote plans to deliver the fix. @nicolml do you have any information when the fix will be ready?
  11. Hi Evernote team, are you going to fix the Mac Evernote Clipper in v6.14 as well? I think it would be helpful to many users. best regards Dietrich
  12. Hi Chantal, would it make sense to implement some features in the software that checks for itself on a regular basis if all notes are in sync and if not just reloads the faulty note? What you proposed seems like a workaround at best, but I would expect a software to run mostly autonomously and checking something for completeness, seems a perfect task for a software to take care of. Especially if syncing is at the heart of that software's purpose. Just thinking out loud. Regards, Dietrich
  13. In the earlier version new images were put to where the cursor was, and luckily the cursor was on the bottom if der did not change, which was quite convenient. Could someone from Evernote please acknowledge this and let us know when this could be fixed? I accidentally updated on my other machine the other day, and there the issue was again. Seems we are not alone with this issue. Linking to the other post:
  14. Hi, in Evernote for Mac v6.13.1 (and I think in some earlier version as well) I noticed that the Clipper Tool started to add new images always to the top. I reverted to v6.11 in which images are always added below. The tool usually can be started by pressing ^⌘N and a new image can be added by pressing ^⌘C. Using ^⌘C in v6.11 adds the images to the bottom, which is my desired action, while in later versions images are always added to the top, wherever the curser was. For reference I added a screenshot of the clipper window that opens with ^⌘N. Any chance I can control this with an option in settings? If not, can the original functionality be restored in future versions or at least added as an option in settings, please?
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