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  1. First, thanks for clarifying that this is not Evernote support. Secondly, in recent times I am astonished time after time, how weird one can build an application (be it Evernote client or webapp). Why would a web application download all my notes? That is like login to your email provider's web frontend and it would download all my emails. Are you telling me that Evernote web app loads all my notes onto... where? my browser? I cannot believe this. It would mean that if I open Evernote on my mobile it would suck empty my data plan in no time? Very strange. Anyway, opened a support ticket.
  2. Hi Evernote team, I logged onto the web frontend today to quickly find a note, but after I logged on I had to wait for literally minutes before I could even see newer notes. During this process notes I created month ago kept appearing in the list of notes and then disappeared again. In the end, it came to a halt, but it does not show my recent notes. I sort for "Date updated" or "Date created", but I am not seeing a good week of notes. The notes are there on Mac and Windows clients.
  3. Looking into https://joplinapp.org/ now. I think it is not quite there, but it looks promising. Some people also mentioned Notion? And... he put together some interesting list of flaws, but lacks to recognize the slowness of the “app”. https://masakudamatsu.medium.com/evernote-10s-user-interface-renewal-is-shockingly-bad-7753f8d9f411
  4. To me it seems they load every note you select from the internet. Would explain the slowness, and cannot really be fixed with more powerful devices. The developers and testers of Evernote access their notes via LAN which is quick as a fox, but we have to use the Internet and that is slow? Whatever, the v10 is unusable. And on my mobile (iOS) I cannot roll back and even the opening time of the app freaks me out. Usually I would open the app to quickly find something. But nowadays you click the app and it takes 3 to 10 secs before you can even start a search; On a current iPhone!
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I just installed v10.3.6 and is was very slow. Saw a lot of this green spinning wheel. Before that I had version 7.14, which was way more responsive. And you know what really puzzles me? I just tried evernote in my browser (Chrome) and it is faster and a smoother experience than the v10 desktop application. How is that even possible? Sorry Evernote Team, this is bad. Time machine let me go back to v7.14 by restoring evernote.app in the app folder.
  6. Ha, I missed all the fun. Just installed v10.3.6 and was blown away by the sluggishness of a "desktop app". Luckily, time machine let me go back directly to v7.x Sorry Evernote, how can you mess up so big?
  7. I can annotate images just fine and afterwards I can clean the annotation again. Before: do annotation: after annotation: Now let's try to undo the annotation. context menu --> annotate this image --> clear annotations and afterwards it looks like that: That is what you need, right? PDFs do not resize properly between machines. True. In fact it cannot even be done on WinMachine, guess it is not a real feature.
  8. Hi, do you have a screenshot to make this understandable? Why would you resize a pdf to fit the device? That should not be necessary.
  9. Hi, my evernote is jumping when showing one-pages pdf files. On the other hand longer pdf are stable. When it jumps it uses lots of CPU. Any idea how to fix this? Check video about 8 seconds in. regards, Dietrich
  10. Hi, that did the trick for me. Fixed my search after installing 7.1. BUT, why are you hiding the option to re-index with a special key?
  11. Hi Nico, I tried. It works as expected. Thank you for checking. Regards Dietrich
  12. That is so not cool at all. Sorry but this is very frustrating. I was really looking forward to this release. After all we started the discussion back in 2017, when the issue was introduced. I'm sorry to say this, but the confidence I have in Evernote app development just sunk dramatically. I mean back in February we were wondering if you would ever tackle the issue, then you told us it would be in v7.1 in April, I wondered back then, why it would take so long, but assumed all would be fine. You said "the fix is in v7.1"; that does not leave much room for uncertainty. The fix is in v7.1! It's not in v7.1 maybe, or under certain conditions... No, "the fix is in v7.1". May I ask what went wrong? However, more important for me (and I assume for everybody else who is affected) is, when do you expect to have a fix available? Will there even be a fix at all? Because, if you tell me now, there is no chance this will get fixed, I can update from v6.11 to v7.1, come up with another process to get my work done, and finally get over it. Any chance you can have it fixed in the next minor update? regards Dietrich
  13. Why is there no fix for the issue with Evernote Clipper for Mac? My understanding from Evernote staff's post was that a fix should have been delivered in v7.1? When can we expect this fix to be released?
  14. Hi @nicolml, I just checked the release notes of V7.1 but was unable to find a fix for the issue. Did I miss something or is the fix not in the version? PLEASE, when will you fix this?!?
  15. @nicolml, that is good news. Can you specify which release "an upcoming software update" will be? Is it the next one or some future release? I am asking because I am stuck at v6.11 of Evernote Mac (it'S the last version without the issue) while v7.0 is available already. So far I could not find the issue being fixed on the release notes of any recent update. regards
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