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  1. Can anybody reproduce this? Is it just me?
  2. Latest Evernote, latest iOS, latest Chrome browser on iOS, latest Chrome browser on macOS – as of February 22, 2017 When I share a public note on the Web and I access that note in the Chrome browser on iOS, then the note title is covered by a button that reads "Report Spam." In other words, the underlying html is different compared to the desktop version. I suggest to create harmony and make the mobile version of the page look like the page in a desktop browser where the note title is using a better font and is centered. This is clearly a bug in web coding – the developers have not considered the code for iOS browsers. See proof in the 2 screenshots below. Please fix this!
  3. I'm not a Guru but this seems to be a bug in the latest iOS version of Evernote. Please click on the threads below: And another thread is here:
  4. There's another bug as well when printing headers - the headers are not positioned correctly. Please see separate thread here:
  5. Evernote Version 6.9 (453991 Direct) on Mac OS X, El Capitan 10.11.5 When checking the box "Print Headers" the headers do print but the positioning of the headers is severely flawed. It's a bug that results in a sub-par user experience: The 3 lines of information are not aligned. See screenshots below. Please make Evernote nice again. –martin
  6. Take a look at NotebooksApp-dot-com from Austria – they do this since 10 years. Mac, Windows, iOS (just not web). Syncs with Dropbox. No database, just simple files with certain plist add-on files. Color coded notes, simple text, formatted text, include images, PDF, you name it.
  7. Check the box "Print Headers" when you're in the printing dialog (see screenshot in DTLow's post of August 25 further up). This is a dialog that's provided by the Mac, not Evernote.
  8. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one. It helps on an emotional level but to earn my money as a pro, I need my offline notes in a reliable way. I don't want to express myself here, how extremely frustrated I am – my colleagues know it already. I am was a paying customer and I started paying for the offline note feature. Apparently the beta testing team at Evernote did not test the situation of a user who is offline. I have over a hundred notebooks. Now I have to sit there and click and toggle around or dig in backup to get an older version of the app back? Please note that Apple's Notes app works offline and is free. I will wait and see. But if this is not resolved by next week I will request that my premium subscription be reimbursed. Reason: does not work as advertised (offline notes). -Martin Edit: I now cancelled my subscription, requested a refund and disputed Evernote's charge with my credit card company.
  9. Hello, I'm a premium subscriber. I absolutely need my notes when offline. On my iPad Mini 2 Retina, late 2013 (iOS 9.3.4) I had always checked in Evernote (latest version because I auto-update) in preferences "Download All Notes" but today for the first time I'm presented with a warning that says "No Internet connection - Download this notebook to access it the next time you're offline" (shown together with a slider button and an airplane icon on top). I would like to mention that I have often used Evernote without an Internet connection, successfully viewing any of my notes! This error is completely new to me. I have tried to change the global settings to "Download Selected Notebooks" and there I have selected *each* of my notebooks but the problem remains. It appears that I have to view a note when online and only there after that note is offline available as well. This is a new behavior! I'm using Evernote for several years successfully on iOS, syncing with the cloud. It can't be that I have to dig through each notebook and view it when online, just to make sure that I have it also when offline. I have professional notes on Evernote that I need to be able to access for my job when in the basement of buildings – it is crucial for my work. I just paid my annual fee and I'm willing to pay more next year due to Evernote's new subscription model. Am I the only one with this issue – is this a new problem? Thanks, Martin
  10. I also tried this with an image-only note -- same problem. I'm using Evernote Version 6.8 (453748 Direct). I examined the Evernote preferences and I could not find anything to be set for printing. I also don't print so much but occasionally I like/need to hand out a PDF or print a recipe on paper for somebody who likes the info outside of a browser. Can anybody confirm my issue?
  11. Thanks for the swift response, but the note title still prints. I had the box "Print Headers" unchecked. This is a bug IMO. See screenshots of note in Evernote and note in print dialog and try yourself. Is it just me?
  12. Is it possible to print a note without the note title? Sometimes I have titles that are only for organizational purposes (to find the note in a list of notes) and the title includes date stamps and other characters which are only relevant in the bigger picture. I'm running El Capitan and I would like to be able to print only the body of such note. How do I do this – is it even possible? Thanks in advance. –Martin
  13. On Mac OS X, when you hold Option key while opening the Contextual menu ("right-clicking") on a note, I can see the option "Copy Classic Note Link" ... such link, when clicked upon in a text document or in a document that displays in a web browser, will open the Evernote app and the note directly, circumventing the need to go to the web version of the note first.
  14. Excuse me, it's now over a year - and it still does not work (latest El Capitan, latest Chrome). Are you still working on this? Why does it take so long?
  15. It just takes one click to create a note in a notebook that's already open. It takes a click *plus* the attribution of a keyword which usually invoves typing, if you want to rely on tags. Tags are useful to find stuff, but more cumbersome when submitting information.