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  1. Is there a way to disable export file splitting altogether? In the options I only see a way to specify the size of the file, from 0 to 2GB... (Perhaps 0 means "no splitting"?) thanks! PS: very happy to see that EN developers are now focused on the basics like infrastructures and stability, instead of emoji support (just to name one)
  2. Not sure if this helps, but I have had good luck using the font "Segoe UI Emoji" for the note title
  3. dear all, may I ask exactly what is exported when exporting notes? I've been doing my backups for years now using the "select all" --> "export to .enex" routine, thinking that would be enough to recover *my entire database*, including notebooks names, tags, internal links, attachments, etc, in case of a disaster. now I learn -- to my horror! -- that it wouldn't have worked anyway... any suggestion on how to keep a healthy backup of my vital Evernote database? thanks!
  4. Just to let you know that, indeed, the bug (with PDF filenames with periods in them) was squashed in the last stable release 6.9 Thank you all again for the feedback!
  5. Not sure I have the stomach to try a beta yet.... especially after reading some comments in the beta version thread! anyway, thanks for the headsup
  6. thank you for your feedback, CalS -- it may be as you say: all arXiv preprint files indeed contain periods in their filename... it would be nice that the support team also gets back to me at some point: three days since I opened a ticket (as a premium user) and still no reply, excluding the first automatic receipt. until now they have always been extremely responsive (not often conclusive, unfortunately, but always responsive)
  7. Dear Evernoters, To my horror, I'm finding out that more and more PDF attachments in my database cannot be opened, nor annotated, nor "saved as" anymore. I see them inline, but that's all -- I cannot do anything else with them. (I'm on Windows 10 Pro, upgraded and using the last stable build of EN.) This happens especially with PDFs imported by the clipper (Chrome or Firefox, doesn't matter) from the arXiv repository of scientific pre-prints. They show up just fine, though, in my Android mobile client. Any idea anyone? If that's an early sign of database corruption... oh dear, I don't want to think it's happening. EDIT: you can see "save as..." if you left-click on the PDF, but that does not save anything
  8. Sharing is badly broken! I recently discovered that if you share the public link of a note from a Windows machine, another Windows machine (with a fully updated and synced Evernote client) will tell you that the public link of the same note is OFF. Moreover, if you share again the public URL of same note, the two links (which are different!) will keep living happily together. Essentially, one machine will never know what was shared from the other, and vice versa. They told me that this is a known issue and that they are working on a fix and that it will be fixed in an upcoming update. Does this beta already address this problem too? This is a very urgent issue, as it makes the whole sharing utterly unreliable!
  9. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but (at least in Evernote for Windows, which I'm using) with the search "sharedate:*" I see also notes that I've since stopped sharing (but were once shared). Is there a way to see only notes that are *actively* shared (or have their share link on) at present? Am I missing something?
  10. the behaviour went back to normal in these days, at least for me; can you confirm this too, +gazumped?
  11. This also happens to me that am on stable It was not like that some time ago, right?
  12. Hi Gazumped, just to let you know that few days ago I contacted the support team about this. After a relatively long investigation (they could not replicate the problem... they said...?), they finally told me that this is a FEATURE that it's being rolled out to users. No way, at this point, to opt out. You can see the note in Normal Mode if you logout from your web account, but then the webclipper would also log out. FYI, I communicated how displeased I was with such "features" being forcefully imposed on users (and even more so as a paying user). A "sorry" is all I've got...
  13. Hi @adambird thanks a lot for Cronofy -- it's very useful indeed. one question: I've tried to make Evernote reminders recurring by modifying the corresponding entry on Google Calendar (as it is proposed on some blogs out there). How are such recurring instances handled then? I've experimented the following: create a dummy reminder note for tomorrow on evernote make it recurring for five days in a row in GooCal tomorrow mark the reminder as done on evernote see that all future entries disappear in GooCal, BUT the first one which remains in its place even though the reminder was marked as "done" I'm not asking this as a feature (I can imagine that the only way to do this neatly would be to duplicate reminder notes etc) but just would like to understand which is the correct way to use Cronofy for Evernote. Thanks!!
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