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  1. I was thrilled this morning to wake up with a new feature connecting Google Calendar and Evernote natively! It seems there are some issues though: when I try to insert a Calendar Event, first Evernote asks me to connect to a Google Calendar, I click, but after a few seconds a red error message pops up telling me that a Calendar is already connected. FYI: in fact, I can log in into my Evernote account using Google login, so the two are already "connected" in a sense. I tried to clear cache, remove web app data, sign out and in, remove Evernote access to all my Google products, etc, to no avail. I'm using Edge Chromium on Windows at present, later on I'll try on my Linux Mint machine.
  2. This bug is terrible to the point of making the iOS version unusable if not for quick note drafting. Asked for support: they replied they are aware of the problem but would not commit on any particular release. Just hope they understand how basic it is to have a functioning scrolling sidebar on a touch device.
  3. this morning, without knowing why, everything went back to normal. Evernote works in mysterious ways apparently...
  4. Hello folks, Since yesterday, as soon as I navigate to "Notes" I get an "Aw, Snap!" crash report. If I stay in "Home" and navigate to any note from there, everything is good, but the environment "Notes" is too important. Cache cleared multiple times, even tried removing Chromium and reinstalling it, to no avail. I'm no computer engineer, but am no dummy either: this time I really have no clue on what's going on, if not for a bug in the code. Anyone experiencing the same?
  5. Ever heard of Joplin? Said that, what machine you're on currently? You may consider going back to the last fully functional version (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)
  6. but they did not make merging (for me very important) possible or am I missing something?
  7. Today I've received the webapp update with multiple note selection and thought "this is going to be the time merging becomes possible!" (I rely on merging a lot) but.... NO! I can move notes in batches now, but still no merging function...
  8. On Chromium here. The webapp version number that was there clicking on my name top-left corner has suddenly disappeared. Anyone else? Cheers!
  9. @deyo246 wow! I'm on the last non-legacy version before the "leap into 10": after days of continuous usage, Evernote is using 77 MB of RAM - two orders of magnitude down!
  10. For those who may be interested. As I said, it's only on one Linux box that I experience these blocks. It worked three times now (kinda reproducible behavior) if I first "killall" chromium processes from terminal, and then relaunch Chromium. Hope this helps.
  11. Why you say that with such a patronizing tone? We're speaking about Chromium stable here my friend, not some obscure browser. I imagine (or should I say, I hope??) that all developers are full-steam working on resolving much more pressing issues with other versions, so would like to avoid as much as possible to issue one more ticket in this dramatic moment for our beloved EN...
  12. Hello fellow Evernoters! I'm on Linux Mint 20, Chromium latest stable, using the web client. Since this morning I noticed that if I do a search and order results by creation date I see (in the middle column, where you have notes snippets, the small creation date appearing there) all notes as created on Jan 1st 1970. However looking into Note Info the date is correct (luckily!!). So, not a very nasty bug, but it looks like a bug nonetheless. Anyone else noticing this?
  13. a quick update: this morning I refreshed snapd and found an update for Chromium (on Linux Mint 20 here) -- fingers crossed, but it everything seems to be back to normal (did I mentioned issues with Gmail too? yesterday I could only use Gmail's legacy HTML interface...)
  14. Just would like to add that the same happens to me, on latest stable Chromium on Linux Mint 20, ThinkPad W530. Evernote Web works fine on other Chromium machines I have, including other Linux machines. Very odd!
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