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  1. @Dave-in-Decatur thanks for pointing that out! I find it a little worrying to see such a nasty bug making it to prime time... but these are things that happen, I guess.
  2. Since a couple of days, internal links on the web client (Chromium 80.0.3987.162 on Linux Mint, downloaded from Debian repositories) redirect me to the notebook containing the linked note, not the note itself. My Windows client instead works as usual. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
  3. I asked you because I get the error message only on those emails that happen to be written in Japanese... weird thing, but guess it comes from some hidden gmail tag, not from "evernote for gmail" addon
  4. may I ask the poster, @Tyler Arbogast, whether this happens with emails written in a language other than English? I receive a lot of email is Japanese, and all those are seen as "spam or suspicious" by the addon...
  5. Using Chrome (on Windows) and Chromium (on Linux) -- and here's a screenshot for you:
  6. Sorry, my bad: as @jefito correctly writes, Crtl-Shift-x does the encrypt job (I though that using capital letter X would be clear but sorry)
  7. I would like to bring back the conversation to the initial question: is there a list of working keyboard shortcuts for Evernote Web (new version)? Surely there are some, as I recently discovered that Ctrl-X encrypts highlighted text... Would be very helpful to have shortcuts for Search and Add New Note at the very least....
  8. @gazumped, @Dave-in-Decatur thanks a lot for the feedback -- I've been trying to move from Windows to Linux for a while and the lack of an Evernote native app has been one of my major stumbling blocks, but I have to say I've been positively surprised by Evernote Web. Looking forward to the native app that Small promised some time ago!
  9. Hello there, One simple question to which I could not find any solution until now: is there a way in Evernote Web to see all PDFs as attachments by default? I find the inline preview quite intrusive and buggy. Thanks!
  10. Not sure if this helps, but I have had good luck using the font "Segoe UI Emoji" for the note title
  11. dear all, may I ask exactly what is exported when exporting notes? I've been doing my backups for years now using the "select all" --> "export to .enex" routine, thinking that would be enough to recover *my entire database*, including notebooks names, tags, internal links, attachments, etc, in case of a disaster. now I learn -- to my horror! -- that it wouldn't have worked anyway... any suggestion on how to keep a healthy backup of my vital Evernote database? thanks!
  12. Just to let you know that, indeed, the bug (with PDF filenames with periods in them) was squashed in the last stable release 6.9 Thank you all again for the feedback!
  13. Not sure I have the stomach to try a beta yet.... especially after reading some comments in the beta version thread! anyway, thanks for the headsup
  14. thank you for your feedback, CalS -- it may be as you say: all arXiv preprint files indeed contain periods in their filename... it would be nice that the support team also gets back to me at some point: three days since I opened a ticket (as a premium user) and still no reply, excluding the first automatic receipt. until now they have always been extremely responsive (not often conclusive, unfortunately, but always responsive)
  15. Dear Evernoters, To my horror, I'm finding out that more and more PDF attachments in my database cannot be opened, nor annotated, nor "saved as" anymore. I see them inline, but that's all -- I cannot do anything else with them. (I'm on Windows 10 Pro, upgraded and using the last stable build of EN.) This happens especially with PDFs imported by the clipper (Chrome or Firefox, doesn't matter) from the arXiv repository of scientific pre-prints. They show up just fine, though, in my Android mobile client. Any idea anyone? If that's an early sign of database corruption... oh dear, I don't want to think it's happening. EDIT: you can see "save as..." if you left-click on the PDF, but that does not save anything
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