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  1. A suggestion to create more advanced reminders I am using Evernote everyday, but there is one feature that I would love to have is Paying recurring bills reminders. Setting by time, day using sound reminders, not only email notification. Evernote has almost everything except one feature that I mentioned before. Many years ago we did not need it, as we received the bills in the mail which were paid on time, but since many of us moved to the online banking its easy to miss a payment, which the amount of a late payment could be more than one year Premium subscription
  2. Thanks, for the answer, that makes a lot of sense. For me unfortunately no Mojave or Catalina as many professional apps and 3rd party plugins could have issues. Some companies can not keep up with every year OS updates.
  3. I am running high Sierra. In the App store Evernote Desktop shows GET, not OPEN in spite the Evernote PLUS is in my system. Why is that? Do I download it again?
  4. I am subscribing to Evernote. After getting this messages pop up 10 times "EvernoteSpotlight wants to use your confidential information stored" clicking deny every time I restart my MAC it asks me to login. How to solve this annoying problem? Thanks.
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