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  1. Thanks, for the answer, that makes a lot of sense. For me unfortunately no Mojave or Catalina as many professional apps and 3rd party plugins could have issues. Some companies can not keep up with every year OS updates.
  2. I am running high Sierra. In the App store Evernote Desktop shows GET, not OPEN in spite the Evernote PLUS is in my system. Why is that? Do I download it again?
  3. I am subscribing to Evernote. After getting this messages pop up 10 times "EvernoteSpotlight wants to use your confidential information stored" clicking deny every time I restart my MAC it asks me to login. How to solve this annoying problem? Thanks.
  4. @JMIchaelTX Your advice is great if people wish to go back to the same application and restore. What would happened if EN will no longer support the new OS in a few years like Mount Kilimanjaro, for example (:0). Then ENEX files will no longer be readable, as it can be used only with EN. The HTML and the attachments can be opened without any 3rd party applications.
  5. @ek12 In your case, I would probably scan and upload to EN and back up export as HTML, which contains your scan documents. But, that's me. I am using EN mainly for storing Tips for many applications, Photo and Video plus some written tutorials, that save me so much time and frustration to look for it on my Mac and online again. EN has a great search, it even finds the keywords in PDF documents. I just can not live without it.
  6. @ek12, My Data files are not in the container, they are in Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/318XXXXX I can understand your frustration about the EN not being perfect for restore, but is there a better application out there? I tried them all, and that's why I am still using EN, in my opinion because they are one of the best.
  7. Actually I did find a solution how to restore each note in case of losing all the data. I am using OneNote, Microsoft, desktop and iPhone. (Which doesn't support a back up for mac) Whenever I create a new note I post it on OneNote. It takes me a few seconds more to post it, its a habit now. If I lose all the data on EN and in case of non accurate restore from the time machine, I have the back up on OneNote. I sleep better now, :0)
  8. If so many people have issues with the back up system, how come no one would come up with a simple restore solution yet. I don't mind to do manual back ups once per week, but in case a system crash or data erase, the restore app should be able to bring the data back to Evernote with one click of a button.
  9. I have Microsoft OneNote as well, but I prefer evernote. I have 5 dozen of notebooks and thousands of notes, from tutorials to receipts. If I would use jmpreston's system it would take me not one week, but one month or more. I am a premium user, and I wish the evernote IT team would fix their backup and restore system.
  10. Thanks JMIchael, I hope Evernote team will correct the all the issues you described . I am surprised that it was not done yet in version 6.
  11. If I export all my notes to enex files and lose my notes importing enex its not enough? Oh boy. Can I restore all the notes without the data folder on Mac? Also according to JmIchael I need to back up each note book? Can't I just back up all the note books at once? When I click option about I have 2 folders 31823570 and 3466217 with identical content one is older, plus props, why? Thanks!
  12. That explains. I was wondering where the second email came from. Besides, I no longer use that email and it was deleted from my server. Thanks.
  13. I am looking for a simple task scanning the receipts. I want the scanner recognize the title of the receipt the date, and total amount. Then I can post it under different notes, like Restaurants, Department store, gas stations, + others. I guess its a new Application altogether. There is a similar one available, called receipmate, $2.99. No support and has bugs. Last update 2013. To bad it looks pretty good, especially its integrated with Evernote.
  14. Well, here is the update. I went to the support link, created a ticket. And Ever note support asked me to send a screen shot, and explanation of the problem. 3 days... no answer. I assume that first level support can not solve this issue. http://tinyurl.com/okaduz6
  15. Thanks, so I need to have a Premium account for that? And takes long time to OCR?
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