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  1. I run into this 'failure to sync' problem virtually every other day. One virtue of Evernote was supposed to be the ability to work seamlessly across multiple platforms. But this feature is sadly flawed. Almost every other note with which I work on both my iMac and my iPad winds up with multiple versions, with some edits saved from one platform and others from the other platform. Sorting which edits have been saved and which have not consumes way too much time. Evernote needs to sit up and take notice. The very length of this thread should be an indicator of the seriousness with which Evernote should take this problem.
  2. I do this every time, and the new text just disappears. So, it's not quite that simple....
  3. Same issue. Edits to note don’t save. Edits appear so long as app (Ver. 10.2) is open, but vanish after closing and reopening. If I open that note on desktop and make the same edits they save on Evernote desktop. Then going back to iPad I get a ‘Note Conflict. A copy was made’ and see two copies of the note - one has the edits, the other doesn’t. I trust if I delete the one without the edits nothing will happen to the copy with the edits. In any case, the issue is clearly a problem that needs resolution.
  4. Have the same problem. Clips from Chrome or Safari in iPadOS are never saved. No error messages. No clue of failure until I look for the clip in Evernote (iPad) and find nothing. And, yes, the desktop version does work, but the whole point of clipping service for iPad is for use when desktop isn’t available. Sure hope issue is resolved soon.
  5. The menu sequence shown by DTLow works for iPhone, but ‘Context’ is not available under ‘Notes’ on the iPad. Not sure why the difference, but can’t seem to enable Context on iPad. I must be missing something.
  6. Failure to include simple, user-friendly features like Find & Replace is one reason Evernote is sliding into the abyss.
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