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Odd copy/cut/paste behaviour

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Evernote iPad OS 17.0, Evernote 10.54.1 (1209339)

I keep a notebook of clippings from newspapers and magazines that I read on my iPad (out of The Times newspaper and magazines I read in Readly)

I paste the content into the note and then 'cut' the title and paste it into the Title of the note. However, currently if I do that, nothing is pasted into the Title field. If I 'copy' the text and click in the Title field, the text is automatically pasted into the title without my hitting 'command V'. In addition, if I try to copy further text to append to the title, I can't add the copied text to the title (nothing happens when I hit command V).

Is this to do with some aspect of the text I pasted into the note (it's plain text as far as I can see) or is it something to do with Evernote's handling of cut/copy/paste.

Any thoughts?



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I have also noticed this new behaviour. I cannot copy the content from the title and paste to the body of the note or to other text editor (such as Word). Neither can I paste some text into the title. I am using Evernote on my iPad (iPadOS 17.0.3; Evernote 10.56).

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Different odd 'paste' behavior - every time I open Evernote for iPadOS it  asks if I want to paste from another device on the same account. Can't get rid of this annoying behavior. Worse - half the time I deny the request to past, the app freezes and won't open. Any ideas?

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Just for the record: What was originally reported in this thread has been fixed. I didn’t track exactly when - but I now tried with 10.58.1 and 10.59.0, and it inserts text right into the title field, no issue any more.

So please don’t hijack a thread opened for one issue for another, unrelated one.

You can create your own, new thread with the Create button at the top of the forum page.

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