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  1. Pretty simple, why wouldn't there be a Find & Replace feature? For example when you change your nomenclature for something. Apologies if that's already been posted somewhere - haven't seen it. Also I've gotta be honest, Evernote's got a great mission but their product development teams need to be closer to the customer - coming from OneNote (because Microsoft is scrapping OneNote 2016 in favor of a much-watered-down version) there are just a lot of very simple things I can't do in Evernote that go a long way in making notes more readable and comfortable e.g., adjusting margins, adjusting line spacing I do Consumer Insights research for a living, understanding customer use cases, their journeys with a product, and designing products to align with those, and maybe I'm just not in Evernote's target customer profile/persona, but this product feels very poorly optimized, particularly given how long it's been on the marketplace Reducing feature sets to keep an experience simple makes sense when your product has a single, narrow use - that makes it simpler and more natural to use - but in a case like note-taking software where you're dealing with a large number of diverse use cases and customer personas, features and customizability create a more positive customer experience, allowing them to 'see themselves' in the product. If you improve the product, I suspect you'd be reaching a much larger customer base - I know a lot of team leaders and project managers *not* using Evernote to organize their files/still jerry-rigging MS Word and XLS, in fact I have yet to encounter Evernote being used by anyone I know personally or anyone at the companies I work for... Sorry for the diatribe, I just want a better product **and I'm more than happy to pay money for it** Tell your Head of Product. Hope that helps
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