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  1. Hi all! Not sure if this is a bug or a setting that can be changed somewhere, but whenever my Evernote syncs it is removing any blank lines, so that the paragraphs are all 'touching' one another I don't *think* it was doing that before but I'm not sure - any idea on how to change that? Thanks for any advice
  2. Pretty simple, why wouldn't there be a Find & Replace feature? For example when you change your nomenclature for something. Apologies if that's already been posted somewhere - haven't seen it. Also I've gotta be honest, Evernote's got a great mission but their product development teams need to be closer to the customer - coming from OneNote (because Microsoft is scrapping OneNote 2016 in favor of a much-watered-down version) there are just a lot of very simple things I can't do in Evernote that go a long way in making notes more readable and comfortable e.g., adjusting margins, adjusting line spacing I do Consumer Insights research for a living, understanding customer use cases, their journeys with a product, and designing products to align with those, and maybe I'm just not in Evernote's target customer profile/persona, but this product feels very poorly optimized, particularly given how long it's been on the marketplace Reducing feature sets to keep an experience simple makes sense when your product has a single, narrow use - that makes it simpler and more natural to use - but in a case like note-taking software where you're dealing with a large number of diverse use cases and customer personas, features and customizability create a more positive customer experience, allowing them to 'see themselves' in the product. If you improve the product, I suspect you'd be reaching a much larger customer base - I know a lot of team leaders and project managers *not* using Evernote to organize their files/still jerry-rigging MS Word and XLS, in fact I have yet to encounter Evernote being used by anyone I know personally or anyone at the companies I work for... Sorry for the diatribe, I just want a better product **and I'm more than happy to pay money for it** Tell your Head of Product. Hope that helps
  3. Actually Grumpy in Windows you can adjust the DPI of the whole screen which EN responds too as well as menu text, titles etc. individually (all part of windows screen settings). Although this affects all apps which may not be what you are looking for? Yeah this is different - the font family/size for file system navigation is one thing, and for the menus in evernote that's fine, but since the tag hierarchies, list view, etc. are part of a broader UI experience that you interface with more regularly, it makes sense to be able to control that. I don't see how that detracts from the user experience. I just started using evernote and I like it, I've tried OneNote, MS Word, and pen and paper for keeping miscellanious notes recorded, but I'm going to continue looking for greener pastures.
  4. +1 In general the lack of customizability in the user interface is atrocious. Any third-string buggy music player freeware has customizable UI options, and MS Word doesn't need it because it just presents you with a nice blank sheet of paper. In a program where you're main attraction is navigation options, you should really allow more tailoring of how those look and operate. I would pay a premium if it gave access to UI customization, more rigorous list handling and margin/indent handling with a ruler, and control over the display view of the writing window. MS word can't compete with evernote because it's not built to provide that quality of entry navigation - but it still has a better more easily tailored and comfortable writing interface. The lack of choices in evernote is not appealing - a 'simplified' one-size-fits-all scheme may be ***** and contemporary in theory, but to each user it just gets annoying. Add granular customization options please.
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