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  1. I have notes with a single .tif file in them (as attachment) and a (square) .jpg file. The preview is messed up (only part of the picture in top left corner of the mainly white preview picture). The preview works fine in the web app.
  2. Seems to be a bug - I solved the issue by making a new notebook and move the notes overthere and erasing the troublesome notebook...
  3. Not yet but will do now. Thank you very much for the hint!
  4. Hi, I renamed a shared notebook and try to stop sharing (by "erasing" the user). I tried this via latest Win app which says "try again later" and web app which doesn't seem to load the "change sharing" popup. Very annoying. Any trick how I can stop sharing? Is this a bug?
  5. I finally found the cause for this. It was the "First Party Isolation" Addon from FF which seems to be buggy: switching it off didn't do the trick but it must be deactivated/uninstalled! Thanks for your help!!!
  6. Win10 and yep, the extension works without problems in eg Edge...
  7. Hi, I tried a million times and switched all other extensions off and white-listed EN in Firefox, but I keep getting the message that the EN extension cannot save the cookie / FF is not accepting 3rd party cookies. Does anybody have anidea how to get this done? Can somebody actually confirm the EN extension is working with FF 68.0.1!? This is really frustrating as I have to c&p into Edge(!) to do the clipping now... Thank you so much for any help! PS/EDIT: actually, FF seems to save EN cookies as my credentials are saved when I log in in the extension. But the extension doesn't "unlock" / login with the mentioned message that FF doesn't allow 3rd party cookies...
  8. Has somebody the webclipper working under Firefox 68 and Win10? I tried "everything" but Evernote doesn't seem to be able to save the cookie or whatever it tries to do. So frustrating! I remember this "cookie thing" is an ongoing annoyance with EN but this time there doesn't seem to be a fix, or?
  9. AFAIK this never worked - I hate this as I use a lot of internal links to jump through projects and every time I come to a business card, I get stuck as for some irrational reason there cannot be any links in the notes section. There is a thread about this and smart people recommended me to make dedicated "proper" notes for people to store - well - notes. That is what I do and I just add a link to the business card and only get stuck when I do need the business card picture and/or contact details (which are usually managed through MS exchange so I do not use that much). (EDIT: no, you cannot link the business card note with the notes note... I usually write "see notes" in the business card note to remind myself that there is another note with more info/notes available) IMHO this is terrible design especially in a business setting as the whole work flow comes to a halt when reaching a contact and one has to manually go back to the project note. It is even more terrible design for EN business accounts I would imagine - especially as editing these contacts only works properly through iOS (and Android I guess) apps. There is also no way to replace a business card picture. So if your contact gets promoted or changes company, you will have to make a completely new contact note. Depending on how heavily you use internal linking this could be a huge pain... Could be an awesome feature but at the moment it is just good to store a business card picture in a slightly more pretty way than just adding a picture to a note...
  10. Hi @Mike., this is almost off-topic but I would be actually quite interested how you have set up this Evernote - Slack - IFTTT - filing system in detail. It sounds like a system I would love to have. EN is sometimes posting some best practice cases through blogs and I would love to read more about how you connected these systems, notebook structure, etc so it works smooth. I think this could be helpful for a lot of people (who doesn't want to have a well oiled machine!).
  11. Even in attachment-mode, I cannot copy & paste PDFs in Beta 3 (right mouse button –> copy). It seems like it is just ignoring the copy command for PDFs… Drag and drop is also not working. If I remember this bug appeared in some beta before. If I remember correctly, in beta 1 and 2 it was working. What I do is to write text in front and after the pdf and copy all of that. Then it works…
  12. I see this corruption in basically all my pdf files since 14 Beta 1. Typically, the layout is messed up and backgrounds turn black. I'm working with A LOT of pdfs - very distracting bug and I am almost tempted to ask whether such an obvious bug could have been found on EN side prior to release? But let's not go there?
  13. Our beloved PDF viewer does not seem to support Unicode or at least Chinese characters. When I add a file with Chinese file name (admittedly rare event for me but there is a bunch of Chinese round...), I only get a lot of numbers and letters:
  14. I can absolutely confirm this - and the bug has been there a while.
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