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  1. Thanks guys, You have confirmed my suspicions, that there is no way to link to a notebook. Jefito, the saved search link would also possibly do what I wanted. Great suggestion.
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick query, I know you can create Note Links, but is there any way or if not any plans to allow Notebook links. Let me explain Our EN structure is a Notebook for each project/lead (I know the arguments about Notebooks vs Tags but it works for us ). In each notebook there is a Main Project/Lead note listing all the details of the projects/lead. We also have a Master Note that lists all the projects, leads etc and it is like an index so we can see at a glance where we are up to. At the moment in the Master Note, we have note links to the Main project/lead note, but it woul
  3. Just found this thread after having problems with Nixnote and after browsing the forums, I think I have finally got Evernote with Wine working, just waiting for it to sync approx 8000 notes. Ideally I want a Linux client, but this will have to do for the moment as I use Evernote on a daily basis for my business. Thanks baumgarr for everything you are doing and looking forward to working to the rewrite Debbie
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