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  1. Thanks for your help Gazumped. I will try Support. The odd thing is that I have now tried encrypting using ctrl+Shift+X and it works fine - but the menu item is still greyed out.
  2. Yes, Same process I have used for the past few years. Still not working. Cheers Stephen
  3. I seem to be having trouble encrypting text since I updated evernote to version Pre Release. The option to encrypt is greyed out on the menu.
  4. I don't know why but my outlook clipper that went missing for he last couple of months is now back. Just wanted to say that I am very happy about that. Stephen J
  5. I dragged a file to my Evernote Import Folder and it seemed to import OK. However, it has not turned up as a note in my Evernote. I have now lost the file because it was deleted from the import folder. I have tried recycle bin on my desktop but it is not there. Where might I be able to find the file? Regards StephenJ
  6. Thanks for the help. I think I will download from the server. I will let it do it overnight
  7. Thanks J Michael, That is as I thought. Would take me a while. There might be another option because I turned off sync before it changed the cloud file so I would be happy to just go back to the cloud file. SO my new question is: Is there any way I can choose the sync direction from cloud without having to delete my account on my desktop and have it re download all the notes.
  8. Help, I accidentally chose to move all my 6000+ notes to a different note book . I only meant to do it for a few notes but I didn't realise my filter was gone. Can I undo it. or go back. I am premium user
  9. I take hand written notes on my Galaxy Note 10.1 every day. I take notes of phone calls, meetings etc. They convert to text using MAZEC as others have mentioned here. This has replaced my livescribe pen that I was using before. For me it works very well - much better than Livescribe. I get a separate note for each item with the date and time automatically recorded and they are converted to text. I have had no problem with the handwriting recognition and I can quickly switch to the Mazec keyboard if I want to write out a phone number or email address where I find the keyboard easier to ensure I have each character correct. Regards Stephen J
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