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  1. This heading just resonates. 2008 must have been a good year because that is when I also became a premium user. I use evernote all day everyday and my 15,000 notes are critical. 2020 has been such a bad year and working paperless and from home since March has made Evernote even more critical to me. If there is no local database of notes then I will have to find another solution and I am really not looking forward to that.
  2. Will have to stick to the legacy version at the moment until this is clarified. It is the number one deal breaker for me. There is no way am I committing to keeping my 15,000 life records on a platform without a permanent local database - regardless of the functionality. The frustrating part is that I have never really found a great alternative.
  3. When I used version 10 it seemed like my notes were stored on line (hence slow) rather than the old model of syncing to my computer. Can someone confirm how this works under version 10. If this is the case, I will be ceasing using Evernote. I have espoused the evernote model for years in other areas of software as the ideal model when my notes are synced to the cloud but stored on my computer. Then I am not relying on Evernote to be able to access my notes. If they take them off me and just keep them online, then I will be finding another solution. I have managed to go back to
  4. I made a mistake. I should never have let it upgrade. The new version 10 is so slow. I want to go back to version 6 but I don't know how. I tried to download but got version 10 again.
  5. I would like to be able to expand and collapse all stacks of notebooks and tags with one button or click. Is there are shortcut for this?
  6. Thanks for your help Gazumped. I will try Support. The odd thing is that I have now tried encrypting using ctrl+Shift+X and it works fine - but the menu item is still greyed out.
  7. Yes, Same process I have used for the past few years. Still not working. Cheers Stephen
  8. I seem to be having trouble encrypting text since I updated evernote to version Pre Release. The option to encrypt is greyed out on the menu.
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