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  1. There is very high chance that their senior technicians might be from the Apple.
  2. That setting is for Save as Photo. I hope Evernote wouldn't misuse it. I sometimes would like to have my doc in PNG.
  3. I am using Android version. Often I found the "Color Document" has a better result for the documents or receipts I captured. However, the automatical capture for the document in my case is always "Document" even my document has very distinct color other than b/w. And not mention those "colored" documents were often identified as photos. It seems that there is a lot of room for improvement here for the auto-capture mode. But I would suggest that at least to make the "Color Document" more useful as it usually produces a better result. It shouldn't be too hard to add an option in the APP settings states "Always Use Color Document for Capturing Document" when the captured object is identified as a document. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Thresha. It works for display. However, I sometimes need to edit. The only workable workaround is using the web browser.
  5. I start to experience the same problem since recent update to (306770) I checked on my android device and on EN website. The content is intact and those platforms have no problem showing them. Please fix it soon!!!
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