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  1. I never said they should give everything away for free. In fact, I agreed that changes to the free plan were needed. However, free is how you entice people to join. More than doubling the price is how you drive current customers away. I did mention that I understood the change. I just think the implementation was done in the worst way possible. I would have continued to pay if the increase had been incremental. No parachute needed, I can walk away without being rude.
  2. I agree that the 50 notes is too low. I get the old 100,000 limit was too many, even I thought it was too many. I think the limit should have been 100 - 200, which I still would have been well over. The one notebook limit should be added to a class on marketing stupidity. Again, I get reducing the limit, but 3 - 10 would have been better. Who's going to try a product, see the ability to add notebooks, and pay to try the functionality of multiple notebooks without seeing it in action? I might be able to suggest one possible reason for this. They might be trying to phase out notebooks. If so, getting new users to move to tags would help train users to use tags instead. I don't know what the space difference is between notebooks and tags, maybe it's enough to attempt to move customers away from notebooks. I'm just throwing the idea out there, I doubt this is the case due to subscribers being pissed off with Evernote if they forced them to move to tags only. The device limit I get to some degree, but the current implementation is a technical hurdle for those that are technically inexperienced. One thing I haven't figured out is if the web clipper is tied to using the website as a device. I tried to access it, but I can't even login. There are multiple reasons I'm seeing this: I'm already signed into two other device types (desktop/phone). I'm over the note and notebook limits. However, I'm just trying to sign into the web clipper, not actually save a clipping. Then, there's always the ever present Evernote has more glitches than functions. Also, if you want to know more about system limits, go here and if you want to understand device limits go here. Oh wait, we decided to remove the second page because it was either too confusing or we don't understand it ourselves. Another marketing blunder has been the harassments to upgrade. Again, I get advertising and trying to push users to a paid subscription. However, I couldn't use the Android app for 2+ months without restarting the app two or more times to get the message to clear. To date, I still get a notice to upgrade every few clicks in both the desktop or phone apps. Harassing customers with notices to upgrade now or lose this special discount isn't "special" when you can decline and immediately get the same offer two seconds, two hours, or two days later. Let's talk about notebook consolidation after notebook limit decrease, also known as "we forgot how to program our own software". Evernote's solution is to delete everything, delete all but one notebook, and hope that notes didn't get permanently deleted before you restore to the one remaining notebook. Why, use a solution that could turn customers away because they might lose their data? A better and far easier solution would have been to let people choose a default folder and allow them to move notes to that one folder only. I'll be amazed if Evernote survives these terrible decisions. Maybe, if the company restructures and elevates decision makers that don't hurt the company further. They'll also need to backtrack some of the new limitations I talk about here. In truth, it may be too late, I've seen too many people say they're vacating. I'm looking for another product to move to, but still hoping Evernote wakes up. Given how difficult it can be to relocate to another software, old customers will be less inclined to return due to the hassle. Anyway, this is all just my two cents.
  3. Thanks for everyone's help! Submitting a ticket isn't worth my time, they'll never answer. My best option is to deal with it or switch products.
  4. Something else I forgot to mention since my initial post. When Evernote crashes there are 8+ tasks in the task manager using 100s of MBs of memory. During normal operation Evernote only has two tasks using about 20 MBs of memory. That's probably not going to lead to a solution, but thought I'd put it out there anyway.
  5. Yes, I'm on Windows 10 22H2 and I've uninstalled Evernote completely. So far, nothing helps, but thanks for replying.
  6. Just an update on the situation. Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried everything at this point and I'm now on version 10.63.3. Unfortunately, the issues have only gotten worse. I got into the habit of shutting Evernote down anytime my PC was going to be asleep. Now, it starts Evernote up sometime between shutting the lid of my laptop and logging in the next time I open it. I understand that doesn't make since. I'll make sure I end the task from here on.
  7. Anytime my laptop goes to sleep and I wake it up Evernote no longer works. I can get it to work again by opening task manager and killing all 8+ Evernote instances. I was hoping an update would fix this but unfortunately they haven't. Does anyone know a workaround, besides closing the app? If not, hopefully support will get this on their radar and fix it at some point. FYI, I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 and Evernote 10.61.10
  8. I'm having the same issue and can't get past the initial screen flash on Android. From what I can tell, they released an update coinciding with the price increase that basically ruined the experience for people who disagreed with paying twice as much. I realize that's cynical, but Evernote's never been great with new releases, so this isn't really that surprising. Thanks for the update @agsteele! I'll keep an eye out for it. It was mentioned that using the website for notes counted as one of your two devices. Are they segregating web traffic to tell whether a user is using the online notes, accessing their account, or posting on the forum (you are here)? If they aren't, then how are most of us posting here without violating the free plan? A better question would be, how could we revoke a device without signing into our accounts, cause as far as I tell, that's the only way to do so.
  9. Considering I started this thread almost three years ago and have been dealing with the initial bug for longer than that, I've seen zero improvement in that time. At no time have I ever seen any of the issues I've talked about resolved. It's obvious that Evernote doesn't care about their users, including the paying users. I'm sorry I'm just now responding, but the forum hasn't emailed me that anyone responded to this thread or any others in over a year until today. So, not only does their software not work properly, but neither can they build a simple forum interface. My question now is, where are they hiring programmers from? Obviously, the lowest bidder they can possibly find. Evernote, get off your hind end and do some actual work that makes your products functional!
  10. @PeteMacca love the +10000000! Sounds like you have a worse issue with this problem then I do. I understand what you mean by "spaghetti coding" and how changing one little thing causes unintended issues elsewhere. However, this isn't an excuse for a multi-year problem. Unfortunately, I wouldn't get your hopes up on a solution at this point. Evernote has been silent on the issue up till now and I don't expect that to change. Maybe they'll surprise us, but I'm not holding my breath.
  11. @Dave.Robinson16@Gmail.com I wouldn't waste your time, but if you want to feel free. If you do, I would just put the basics in the post and link to this thread. However, this isn't really a feature request. It's how the software should work, period! Evernote can ignore it all they want, but doing so will only result in the loss of customers. I've already stopped recommending it and I used to be an Evernote Evangelist. However, if you ***** over and ignore your customers as consistently as Evernote has, they will stop promoting your product. It's simple marketing.
  12. Wow, that's absolutely insane that I had to add myself and give myself full permissions in order to delete the icon. However, thanks for sharing the thread! Thanks, NicCrockett
  13. Updated Evernote last week and now I can't delete the desktop icon the installer created. Yes, I have admin rights. Any ideas how to get rid of it. I know it won't delete on Windows 10 Pro. I haven't checked my Windows 8.1 laptop yet.
  14. Ok, everyone needs to stop and regain focus on what this was about. Considering I'm the one who started this discussion, let me recap. I didn't ask for a feature to be added. I asked that the Evernote App on Android work properly. Copying selected text and immediately pasting said text as a different font and size isn't a functionally working app. It's honestly a disaster and something Evernote should be ashamed of because this is basic text formatting. In about 2 months it will have been a year since I started this thread. Even if Evernote is only pushing out updates quarterly, we should have received 3 updates since then. If they haven't fixed it by now, I highly doubt they will. It's because of this and the fact that they limited the free version of the app to two devices that I will be leaving Evernote once my premium subscription expires. If they fix this before then, I'll reconsider. However, this function is something that I use enough that using Evernote has become a hassle more than a tool. @gazumped posted a quote from another thread talking about editing the default font and size of text. This is completely irrelevant! When you copy text in any app and paste it within the same app it should hold the formatting it started with, not revert to a default. I can't think of any text editing program that doesn't work this way. Now if I was going between apps, I could understand. However, I'm not only in the same app, but I'm in the same note. In the end, it comes down to one thing. I'm paying for a service and that service isn't innovating. Evernote has become stagnate and they can't handle simple tasks. It's time to move to Microsoft OneNote or Google Keep. Evernote, please prove me wrong. I've been loyal to you since the early years, but if the product doesn't work, then I need something that does. Apparently a number of us on this thread are in some form of IT and have done some kind of development. Because of this we should all understand the problems that Evernote faces when fixing a bug like this. I'm willing to give them a little more time to redeem themselves, so why don't we all try to remember what it's like to fix something in a program. In my current position my company would give me 24 hours to have this fixed, but not all companies are that insane. Evernote, you're on notice, fix it or I'm gone.
  15. @Matt W. you mentioned that you would let Dave know when a fix was implemented. Are you going to say that on this thread or is there a list I can get on to be notified? Thanks, Nick
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