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Able to Relocate The Large Cache Space (Offline Database)



Yesterday my system told me my C drive capacity is low...after installing V10 !!!

My system drive has 120GB and it had about 25-30GB free space yesterday.

Evernote used to be able to save its database on the other drive to avoid problem like this. However, I found NO WAY to change database location setting in the preference in V10. I notice that in V10 it's no longer call database anymore. 

I wish we can again have a setting to relocate the cache (or database) to a users' preferred location.

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Yes since Evernote v10.x on Windows we're not able to control where're stored the databases and various temporary files it generates. 
Before under options, there was a possibility to relocate the local files stored by Evernote outside Windows system drive under user files.

Is it something plan in a future release ? 
And if in previous v6.x versions, we relocated files in another virtual drive, does it keep this setting after upgrade to v10 ? Not sure as folders are not updated (dates) since migration

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I also am in a situation where I need to conserve space on my system drive. I certainly hope that you will allow moving the storage to a different drive than the installation drive as you did in pre 10.x versions. 2gig is not an insignificant amount of data!

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I haven't tried this, but if you have an additional drive available, and then reinstall Evernote on that other drive, then I wonder if the database would also be stored on that other drive. If that doesn't work, then there might be some other tricks involving file path redirects or symbolic links to fool the Evernote application into accessing the database on another drive (i.e., maybe Evernote looks to store data in C:\Evernote\data\ but a redirection mechanism forces it to actually store on E:\Evernote\data\).

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In Windows Evernote 10 uses the system paths %AppData% and %LocalAppData% for the location of data and executable respectively. I doubt that even if we could install the executables in a different location that the data would move elsewhere.  Seems to be pretty much hard-coded to me.

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Evernote has never played well with users messing with locations.  When you get Settings back I hope that Evernote will still be offering the option to save only recently used notes in the local database - everything else will be on the server - and if you opt not to save the database locally*,  Evernote will have a minimal-to-zero footprint.  Of course there's also the web version which is/ will be pretty much the same as the installed app,  and has minimal local impact. 

Short term the answers are: use the Legacy version and set content to be purged if it has not been viewed for X days. (Tools>Options>Sync) OR just use the web version!

* EDIT: NB that kills offline working...

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