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  1. Thank you @agsteele for the good tip! I ran Imagemagick to invert the color, generating a black favicon: magick convert .\trayIcon.ico -channel RGB -negate trayIconBlack.ico I am attaching the black trayIcon.ico here, in case someone wants to use it. Here's a preview: trayIcon.ico
  2. The Evernote Web HTML editor is awesome!

    Thank You

    1. Lazza


      I am glad you like it!

  3. Well, for now you are still in the EU so you must receive 2 years of warranty. It's EU law.
  4. @chirmer I really have better things to do than having an argument with you. I don't care whether you are taking the messages as personal attacks or not, they aren't. I'm done participating in this thread.
  5. Totally agreed, "for some". Previous messages by some users seemed to imply that it must be the case for all users.
  6. Nope, that's why I represented the Evernote policy as that. Because that is what they actually told their customers: "shut up, this is it and don't you dare complaining about the sudden 40% increase, even though we do not have any new feature and you've been regularly paying for years... we simply don't care". Of course "gurus" like you continue to carry the exact same message to former (or current) Premium members who expressed the fact that they do not like the new prices. Yes. Ah, so Evernote wants to be exempt from criticism? Sorry, no, that's not how it works. People are going to express their POV no matter what. If it is not on this forum, it will be on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, personal blogs, whatever.
  7. You are: assuming that Evernote has a greater set of features (therefore you are comparing) impying that the Evernote features are more important than Netflix Those are just opinions (that we may or may not agree with) but it's basically an apples and oranges thing. Not to mention the fact that the "outrage" (how you call it) is deserved because they raised prices for current Premium clients by around 40-50% and dropped features from the Free version without notifications, not because paying is considered a bad thing. Here you seem to assume that all the people who migrated to OneNote (including former Premium users) are liars and freeloaders who actually are continuing to use Evernote in secret while saying the opposite. You also seem to assume that anyone who disagrees with a "accept this change and STFU, you customers" policy is "whining". I respectfully disagree on that.
  8. I am glad for you. In my country (like many others in Europe) the new prices showed up right after the "warning" email was received.
  9. So? License costs are not fixed. You don't pay the same licenses for 10 users or for 1 million users. Netflix has more users so they have to pay more licensing fees. The fact that they have more users does not mean that their price go down for this reason. If all costs were fixed, doing business would be so much easier. Except from the fact that (as I wrote before) I switched to Premium from a Free account just yesterday. So I don't understand why you think I am one of those who "threaten to leave".
  10. I guess I am not one of those people then. I would definitely think twice, or even more times, before subscribing to Netflix. License cost, for broadcasters, are quite high. It probably requires much more investment to run a company like Netflix than like Evernote, but well... every company has to make their choices. I hope for Evernote that they will get a positive outcome in the long run, I just believe it won't be so.
  11. I am actually one of those who switched from Free to Premium after their announcement (I have already been Premium in the past for several months and Plus sometimes). However, I decided to do it only after I found a way to pay a reasonable price for Premium (way less than 60€). Evernote is a good service, paying for it makes sense, paying that much for it doesn't (for my personal needs, of course). Needless to say, the fact that they do not respect their users who use top-class operating systems (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, and all Linux based systems) does not add a positive note to their decision to raise prices. Yes but Netflix is a totally different service (and quite expensive one) so why this comparison?
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