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  1. Hi Lazza, I was a big fan of your script — loved being able to tinker with html in Evernote. However I hadn't used it for a while and it doesn't seem to be working anymore. (Firefox, Mac 10.12.1). Essentially the script freezes the entire Evernote edit screen, can't type anywhere in it. In fact your </html> button doesn't even seem to appear there either (not that I could select it if it did, since I can't select anything below your toolbar). I can only access your toolbar and even then it doesn't function very smoothly. I made sure I was updated to the latest version of your s
  2. As someone who has just started using Evernote over the last few months and is trying to decide whether to upgrade to Premium, not being able to highlight in multiple colors is a huge drawback. (In general, would like a more robust text editor; but this minor, seemingly easy-to-add feature — different color highlights — would be at the very top of the list.)
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