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  1. It's web version on Chrome browsers. And it doesn't crash. It just doesn't load.
  2. It' not problem with web clipper. It's when I try to go to my Evernote through browser.
  3. Ah, yes. It's working on Firefox. I normally use Edge (Chrome based).
  4. I have the same problem. And I have previous Pro plan (now Personal). So number of devices shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Yes, I've noticed the same. First note in new veresion and 3 conflicted copies.
  6. I think that font for the normal text should be thinner. Now it looks like all text is bold. EN for Web is good. ENWin ENWeb
  7. Also installed the previous version. I really miss some response from devs.
  8. Yes, that worked (for now). Text under "Clear Cache" in EN Android (Clear data stored on SD card ...) is misleading. I don't have an extra SD card in Note9.
  9. I've unsubscribed from beta and search still doesn't work. Cleared apps cache, restarted device ...
  10. Also on Note9. When I start a search I get a blank screen and Sync started on the bottom left. After a while, I get a message that the application has crashed.
  11. Problems with Two-step authentication: I want to use Google authenticator only, but I receive SMS every time (I've selected Google Authenticator) In Evernote desktop (windows) I must input verification code every time I log in. It's annoying. At least we should have some time delay (30 days, half a year, 1 year ...)
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