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White system tray icon

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There is a windows 11 system tray Evernote icon in the attached picture.

It's difficult to see the icon because it's all white.

How to change to color?




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  • Evernote Expert

This has been noted by others.  There are threads with various recommendations.  I resolved it by changing the taskbar colour (search via a search engine). I recall a clever individual worked out a means of substituting a different icon but this was a very unofficial tweak.  You'll have to search forums for the threads.

I can see that Evernote is in good company on your screen shots with two other tray icons in white.

In short, use the OS settings since this issue hasn't had any traction since it arrived with Windows 11.

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  • Evernote Expert

I had three minutes to spare today and decided to try out changing the Windows Tray Icon. It was really simple...

1. Quit Evernote so that the tray icon is not displayed.
2. Go to %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote\resources\static\win\icons =  C:\Users\my_username\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\resources\static\win\icons
3. Rename trayIcon.ico to trayIcon.bak
4. Create a new icon file for the tray. In my case I copied the icon.ico file that is also present and renamed the copy trayIcon.ico
5. Restart Evernote for Windows and the green elephant is in the tray instead of white.

It really did take just three minutes.  I've no idea what will happen when a program update arrives. Certainly if I was to reinstall I'd expect to have to repeat these steps.

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