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  1. Oh my iPhone 11 if I try to use the camera option to insert a document the app says “looking” and then sits there after it captures a document. I cannot cancel it and I end up having to force quit the app. If I use the camera option to insert a picture pressing the black button in the app does nothing. I can press it all day and it doesn’t take a picture. On my iPad Pro 2020 if I select “auto” before I can even move my iPad over the document the camera freezes on “looking” and then just sits there but unlike my iPhone I can select “cancel” and the app stops trying to look for a document.
  2. I have an offline notebook with only 50 notes and its been sitting at downloading for a couple of weeks now. I turned off all other offline notebooks.
  3. I got my first "Switch to Premium" ad while using the web clipper in Chrome....... So I got a big upgrade button in the desktop, I get footnotes at the end of some of my notes and now the clipper is advertising trying to get me to upgrade....
  4. I get the Fatal Error message every single time I launch the application. I made sure to send the error to Evernote using the error message box.
  5. With Evernote getting rid of Plus I will probably go back to OneNote. I want to financially support the company with Plus but I barely use over what the Basic account gives you but I need more than two devices. I end up using other products to make up for what Evernote lacks or isn’t that great one of which is the text editor. It’s like I have to pay for other products to make make Evernote fit into my workflow. I remember Evernote mentioning a new text editor but that was years ago. Premium is almost to the cost of Office 365 which I also pay for and I get way more value from. I w
  6. I was searching for the past couple of days for the print feature. Where it is now is really odd.
  7. I think it's related to the bug where the contents of your note gets replaced with one of your other notes. I noticed it happens when I send to Evernote from my iPhone.
  8. I just started getting duplicate notes when I send something to Evernote from mobile safari.
  9. I just got another one of these, it was happening before and it just happened yesterday. I really do not want to have to perform regular audits of things I save to Evernote to make sure they are correct.
  10. Updated my phone no problem, iPad keeps downloading, then gives an error with a choice of "done" or "retry". Will try again later.
  11. It's fine on my iPhone 6s Plus but still it's laggy on my 12.9 iPad Pro, there seems to be an issue with the iPad line specifically because that seems to be where the bulk of the complaints are.
  12. This just happened to me this week. A recipe note that was a PDF file attachment was replaced with the contents of some random other note and the PDF is gone now
  13. Ran into a bug, one of my older notes that was a PDF attachment for a recipe had it's contents completely replaced with something I clipped from Amazon. Two different notebooks two different notes. It was fine yesterday but I was going to make meal and saw that the PDF file was gone and replaced with something else.
  14. I hope the lag when the app opens up is fixed soon. I had an interview last week and somebody asked me about a PCI document, I opened Evernote and sat there like a dork tapping Inbox so I could switch to my Cabinet notebook and it took several seconds to respond.
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