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  1. Oh excellent..Now I just need to figure out how to show that we're a non profit running in the UK to a US company! I have some of the staff playing with it now so hopefully they will get the bug for using Evernote. Thanks all for the assistance.
  2. Oh really... that's interesting. I'll have to test that out
  3. Yes I had thought of that and in fact might go that route, however the upload limit for the users might cause road blocks for us.
  4. I'm now involved in a few not for profit or indeed no money charities. They are all struggling with collaboration specially as many of the staff help out from home and only get together every few months. I'm trying to suggest Evernote to them however the business edition is way outside of their budgets and using individual premium accounts means each person hold the data rather than centrally as a group. I think Evernote has a great opportunity here to step in and offer Evernote for a big discount for registered charities, it'll cost Evernote almost nothing to implement and they can offset it against their TAX bills as it would be seen as a charitable donnation! WIN WIN... I also think if you did this very quickly you'd increase your user base as more and more people would see the value Evernote offers. So Evernote What say you?!?!
  5. Yes that's a solution however I see the family quickly exceeding the free limits and then making me buy accounts.. 4 premium accounts.
  6. We have Evernote for business. How about an addition for Family? I would dearly like to share notes etc with my family. And would happy pay for a family plan where we could share the upload limits between us. But it needs to be cheaper than the business plan... That too much for a family to pay out. Maybe have family plan starting at 4 members but being able to add extended family members or increasing monthly bandwidth for uploads..
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