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  1. How is it possible that they can see the logic/use case in these scenarios but not in the notes themselves... SVID_20200627_212035_1.mp4 SVID_20200627_211903_1.mp4
  2. As an equally devoted Premium subscriber, there is no single feature I NEED more than a toggle list feature. Coda has it, Notion has it, Dropbox Paper has it. It is an ESSENTIAL feature if you're working with lengthy text documents. Surely you guys can see how important it is. It'll also improve performance, which I assume is a high priority for you. @Shane D. by the amount of scrolling it took for me to get to the bottom of this thread, it's pretty clear that this is a MAJOR deal for many Evernote users - and has been since 2011. Justin Bieber was only just born in 2011 (I imagine). Can you give an update on this?
  3. The 'toggle list' option in Notion is an absolute game changer and a feature addition which, based on the new list improvements in the web beta, I imagine wouldn't be too difficult to implement in Evernote. In terms of the use case(s) the most recent one is my Evernote blog template. In Evernote it consists of a lengthy table filled with bullets and checkboxes. In Notion, using toggle lists I'm currently building it to take up less than a page. I can then expand only the relevant sections while writing the post. I really don't want to have to expand my toolbox when Evernote already covers most of the bases but this is one (relatively) quick addition that would make a huge difference. Example below of how it looks in Notion
  4. Hi, A comment on the setup of the notebooks in the top left in the web client vs the Mac version. On Mac, clicking on the notebook name on the top left of a note opens the menu to select a notebook/move the note to another notebook while in the web version it has a navigation function, which is far less useful and is also a breakdown in consistency across platforms. It's a far more common use case to want to move a note from one notebook to another, especially when processing your notes, than it is to simply navigate back to a notebook.
  5. OK thanks, Shane. Just want to reiterate that this is a crucial function/use case in terms of the web version even being usable.
  6. I'm not a fan of the option to directly remove a note from Shortcuts in the sidebar by clicking the 'x'. It's far too easy to accidentally click it and remove a note unintentionally. I would suggest this option only be kept in the note options in the top right of a note.
  7. There isn't a way to search through notebooks when moving a note to a new notebook. When you have 100+ notebooks it's terrible UI to have to scroll through them all to find the notebook you want to move your note to. The same problem applies to tags, of which I have upward of 500. I'm not sure how these have fallen through the cracks as they're crucial features of the mobile and desktop apps.
  8. When I add bullet points to a note, the bulleted text is bolded and I can't remove the formatting. Any idea what setting this is and how to undo it?
  9. I'm starting to find the Google Drive integration more and more handy over time as a way to minimise local storage on my Mac. Where before I would save PDFs and photos directly in Evernote, I'm now saving things that don't require OCR in Drive. One irritating restriction is the fact that you can only attach one file from Drive at a time so it's really cumbersome to attach multiple files. Is there a specific reason why it isn't possible to select multiple files to attach from Drive?
  10. @Leo Gong - will Spaces be rolled out for Evernote Personal accounts after the business release?
  11. Freezes EVERY time on iPhone 6 and takes min 5 seconds to get going every single time. The iPhone 6 is still one of the most advanced handsets on the market and if Evernote is performing this poorly on a 6, I shudder to think what it's like on older devices. Evernote, this is a MAJOR problem and needs to be resolved. I'm a heavy user but I'm having to resort to storing things in Apple Notes when I need quick functionality. What's the point of the app if I can't quickly record thoughts when I have them?
  12. I'm finding that Evernote's inbuilt camera/doc scanner is poor when compared with Scannable, which is far better at detecting the borders of a document. As you created both products why don't you simply integrate Scannable's functionality into the Evernote app as you've done with Skitch?
  13. Moaning and whining about being deprived of all the things you were getting for free. It's quite pathetic to listen to all the bleating. It's a fair assumption that all of you are either employed or business owners. How much of your work do you do for free? How many of your businesses exist simply to keep an unappreciative public satisfied while not generating any income? Hang on while I count them on no fingers... Businesses change, business models evolve and freeloaders move on. Good luck with OneNote - and thank you @gazumped for keeping calm amidst the chaos.
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